Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do some parks close, and some parks stay open?

    Each park is unique, the range of our facilities and the location differ per park. We therefore carefully weigh up the measures we take per country and per park. We follow local government restrictions per country. Therefore some parks might be closed (temporarily).

  • Are face masks mandatory when visiting the parks?

    The Netherlands
    At our Dutch parks it's not mandatory to wear a face mask. Wearing a face mask is only manditory in public transport.
    Are you visiting the Wadden Islands? Please make sure you wear a face mask when you travel by boat. The ferry to the Wadden Islands is also a public transport. 

    At our parks in Germany its mandatory to wear a face mask in all public places in and around the parks. 

    In Austria it is mandatory to wear a face mask in banks, public transport, mountain lifts and all medical facilities. This rule doesn't apply to children under an age of 7 and people with certain illness.  

  • When I rebook my stay to a later period, and this will be more expensive, do I pay additional costs?

    Yes, if the changed booking becomes more expensive, you will be required to pay the extra price difference.

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Parks and campsites
  • Are all accommodations non-smoking?

    If your daily life is free from smoke, so should your holiday be! There are some non-smoking accommodations in our parks and all our children's bungalows are non-smoking. The amount of non-smoking accommodation is limited and is different for each park. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a non-smoking guarantee. With this category we have to rely on our guests to adhere to the no-smoking rule. Please state your preference when making your booking.

  • What are the newest parks of Landal GreenParks?

    New parks are regularly opened or taken over by Landal GreenParks. The following is an overview of the latest parks that have been opened or purchased in the past five years or have yet to open.

  • Which parks have beauty and wellness facilities?

    With the hectic daily routine of contemporary life we would all like to take the time to really relax. To feel fit and healthy, to look good, to completely relax and be utterly spoilt. At a range of our parks you can finally relax and enjoy our wonderful wellness facilities. 

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Changes and cancellations
  • I want to change my travel dates. Is this possible?

    If your scheduled arrival date is more than 28 days from today’s date, it is still possible for you to change your travel date. To do so, please get in touch with our Contact Centre at: +31-(0)70 300 35 06. We will be happy to provide you with further individual assistance. The rental fee of the booking will remain the same or will be increased. If the updated booking is more expensive, you will of course need to pay the difference.

    If the booking has an arrival date less than 28 days from today, it is unfortunately not possible to change the travel dates.


  • I would like to cancel my booking. How can I do this?

    This is easy to do via your MijnLandal account. Log in and click on the booking you wish to cancel; after that, the process will be self-explanatory. Depending on the arrival date and when the booking is made, we may charge you a fee for cancellations. For cancellations made up to 28 days before the arrival date, the fee is 30% of the total travel sum. If your scheduled arrival date is within the next 28 days, you must pay 100% of the total travel sum. If you booked your stay 14 days ago or less, and the arrival date is more than 28 days in the future, you will pay no cancellation fee.

    Important: When you cancel a booking, this is not the same as requesting a leisure voucher. If you have booked a stay at a moment when the park in question is closed, you are entitled to receive a leisure voucher. This will require no action on your part: we will automatically email you the leisure voucher.


  • My personal details on the booking are incorrect. How can I change them?

    If the personal details in your booking are incorrect, please contact the Contact Centre via tel. +31-(0)70 300 35 06.

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Reservations and payment
  • In which cases can I only book my accommodation by phone?

    If you want to book for arrival on the same day, you can only book your accommodation by phone. We will then contact the park to make sure that your selected accommodation is ready in time. Also when there is only one of your accommodation type left, you may only be able to book by phone. We will be happy to tell you more about the location of your accommodation, so you know exactly what to expect when you arrive at the park.

  • How many accommodations can I book at once?

    A maximum of 4 accommodations at the same time can be booked via our website. You can put together your combination reservation at one park and for one travel period. The bungalow types can be different and can also be a combination of a bungalow and a camping pitch. When you book several bungalows at the same time, you only pay reservation costs once. Do you prefer to book several bungalows next to each other? Which can! Select the desired house numbers in preferences (you only pay preference costs once).

    Do you want to book more than 4 bungalows at the same time? Please contact our Contact Center. Do you want to book more than 25 accommodations at the same time? Then you can contact our Business Line department. The telephone number of this department is +31 (0)88 - 205 98 88.

  • Do I get a special discount if I book multiple accommodations at once?

    No, there is no special discount when booking multiple accommodations at once. However, you only pay reservation costs and any preference costs once.

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My Landal account
  • I haven't received a verification email to confirm my account, what should I do?

    It may take a few minutes before you receive the email. Wait a few minutes and then check your inbox. Also check your spam folder. 
    Still can't find the email? Try creating your account again and carefully check that you have made no spelling mistakes when entering your email address. Please contact us if you have tried everything and are still unsuccessful. 


  • My Landal is down What do I do now?

    If the website is down, we recommend logging in to your account at a later time or try again the next day. In the meantime we will be working hard to resolve the outage as quickly as possible.

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Landal app
  • What information can I find in the Landal app?

    The Landal app includes information about the facilities, activities and any available restaurants or food and beverage services at the park where you are staying. Here you can view the opening hours and the contact information for the reception, and make reservations if needed. The park map in the app helps you find your way around. You can also discover activities and attractions in the region around the park. Link your stay to the app by logging into your My Landal account and get ready for your upcoming stay! 

  • Can I also use the Landal app if I don't have a reservation?

    Absolutely! Select the park you want more information about and learn more about a wonderful holiday destination. 

  • I only see one upcoming stay listed in the Landal app, but I have multiple stays coming up. Is this correct?

    Yes, this is correct. At the moment you will only see your first upcoming stay in the app. Once you have completed this stay, the next stay will appear in the app. 

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Gift card
  • How do I know whether my payment was received correctly?

    You will receive a confirmation email from us about your order. Did you not receive a confirmation email? First check whether this email ended up in your spam folder. If not, then please contact our Contact Centre on 0900 - 8842 (standard call charges apply).

  • What should I do if my payment was not successful?

    If you are unable to order a gift card because your payment was not successful, please contact our Contact Centre on 0900 - 8842 (standard call charges apply). We will be pleased to provide further assistance.

  • How long in advance can I order a Landal Gift Card?

    If you order the Landal Gift Card on a Monday before 5 pm, the card will arrive on Tuesday. If you order the Landal Gift Card on a Saturday, it will be delivered on a Tuesday.

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Temporary housing
  • Am I obliged to pay for bed linen for a stay?

    Bed linen is a mandatory rental at Landal GreenParks. The 2020 costs for this are as follows: €8.95 per person per stay and, if applicable, cot linen is €7.50 per person per child per stay. If a cot is not standardly included in the bungalow, we will charge an extra fee for the cot rental.

  • Can I accommodate employees in Landal GreenParks' accommodations?

    It is possible to accommodate employees in the parks of Landal GreenParks. Different conditions may apply to your employees than to our other guests, for example a maximum occupancy of 1 person per bedroom. There is also a maximum number of business reservations at our parks. It is therefore possible that, if the maximum number of bungalows available for business reservations has been booked, we will not be able to accommodate your employees in our park. In that case we will do our very best to find alternative accommodation at one of our parks in the region. For more information and availability for your employees, please contact us

  • Are all the accommodations furnished?

    Yes, all accommodations in our parks are furnished. Besides a living room, several bedrooms and a bathroom, there is always a fully equipped kitchen. There is no inventory list of the accommodations on our website. If you have any questions about the inventory of the accommodations, please contact the reception of the park in question. You will find the contact details for each park on our website.

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Other subjects
  • Does Landal GreenParks also have room for meetings and events?

    Yes, of course, Landal GreenParks has plenty of room at various parks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for business purposes or festive occasions lasting several days combined with overnight accommodation in comfortable bungalows or apartments.

    Meetings, trainings or company parties
    Many of the parks have multifunctional rooms of various sizes for meetings and courses. And your company party will be in good hands at Landal. Ask about the facilities for room rental, catering, festive and active arrangements and overnight accommodation via the Business Line.

    Party arrangements
    Something to celebrate with the whole family or the sports club? Or are you organising a reunion? Make it a weekend away. Everyone can stay overnight and, if you like, we can put together a sports or recreational programme. Ask about the options Landal GreenParks has to offer.

    Combined courses, incentives & teambuilding
    Your meeting or training will be a big success if you combine it with a sporting challenge. Adventurous outdoor sports programmes or fun indoor sports events - leave the organisation to us and your event will be a guaranteed success. What about a survival weekend, skiing, a golf clinic, anti-slip or go-cart course, highland games, four-wheel driving, abseiling or rafting? The sports activities are always supervised by professional instructors.

  • Can I buy a bungalow at Landal GreenParks?

    Yes, it is possible to buy bungalows at Landal GreenParks. Landal GreenParks offers two attractive ways to invest in a holiday home:

    • Revenue based on rental income
    • Investment with a guaranteed return

  • Can I organise my company outing via Landal GreenParks?

    Are you looking for a flexible and unique location for your company outing or for team building? Landal has a range of possibilities, all in the heart of the countryside. 

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