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Arrival at the park

What do I need to bring with me to the park if I want to check in?
Within 24 hours of making your booking, you will receive an e-mail with a booking confirmation and invoice. Keep these safe! You may have to show the reservation confirmation on your mobile device. Please notify us of your travel group via your MyLandal Account prior to arrival. Check to see if any outstanding amounts have been paid. When you arrive at the park, you may be asked to show identification. As a result, make sure you have these on hand.
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What should I take in account about before going to a park?
Notify us of your travel group and estimated arrival time, and make any outstanding payments. You can do all of this in the Landal app, where you can also find information about the park such as the address, the park map and details of your booking. In addition, you can easily contact the reception desk and see what there is to do in the area. We recommend that you download the app before you leave.  That way you will have all the important information at hand!
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Can visitors come to visit me during my stay?
It is certainly possible to receive guests in your accommodation during your stay. You must notify the park reception if the guests stay overnight in the accommodation. You will be charged for the cost of the bed linen and council taxes for the guests. It is only possible for guests to stay overnight if this does not exceed the maximum number of people that are permitted in the accommodation.
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Is it possible to check in or arrive earlier for a fee?
  • You can't check in before 16:00 as we are busy making sure your accommodation is clean and fresh!
  • Your accommodation will definitely be ready by 16:00. From that moment on you can enter your accommodation.
  • It is possible to arrive earlier at the park and use our facilities. Or already discover the surroundings.
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Can I also check in at the park if I am not the main booker?
Yes, if you can show the reservation confirmation, you can also check in as a travel companion.

Only the main booker can check in at our parks in Germany. The main booker must identify himself upon arrival at the park and show the reservation confirmation. After this, the key to the accommodation will be handed over.
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About the accommodation

Where can I find the house number of my booked accommodation?
The house number is finalized upon arrival at the park. Would you like to know the house number before? That is possible! The provisional house number of your accommodation can be found in the Landal app and in your MyLandal account from 1 week before arrival.
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How many people can stay in the accommodation?
The name of the accommodation indicates how many people the accommodation is suitable for. For example: 4-person accommodation 4EL. This figure represents the number of beds available in the accommodation. It is not possible to stay in the accommodation with more than one person due to safety regulations. As a result, no additional beds/camping beds/air mattresses are permitted in the accommodation.

A child under the age of three will be recognized as an extra person (unless stated otherwise). The child can sleep in a cot. Each accommodation allows only one child to sleep in a cot (unless stated otherwise).
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Is there any kitchen equipment in the accommodation?
On arrival in the accommodation, you will find a package with washing-up liquid/dishwasher tablets, dishcloth and washing-up brush. Towels and tea towels are not standard in the accommodation. Would you like to book extra? You can do so via 'extras' in your account.
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Where can I find information about the interior of the accommodation?
On the website for the relevant park, click on the heading 'accommodation' and then tick your booked accommodation. The details and the floor plan for your accommodation will then be displayed.
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Are pets allowed in the accommodation?
A maximum of one or two pets are allowed at almost all the parks.
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What kind of items are there in the accommodation?
It's always good to know what's already there and what you might need to bring with you on vacation! View the reservation details by logging into your MyLandal account. You can select 'View the accommodation' from the address details. Below the map is a list of features that show what is present. This way, you'll know for example whether you should bring coffee pads or cups, and if a high chair is available. Useful!
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What is meant by cot linen?
If you have indicated that you wish to use a cot, we will provide the cot linen. For example, we make sure that the mattress of the cot is covered cleanly with an under sheet, which sits completely under the mattress. The package also includes a children's blanket (blanket incl. fitted sheet attached) that you can use. Of course, you can also bring your own blanket or sleeping bag for the baby. The cot linen is compulsory though, so a fitted sheet is always present for hygiene. Please note that charges are also made for the cot linen.
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What exactly is meant by cot?
A cot is a small bed for very young children. A cot can be a travel cot or a wooden cot. This depends on the park. Children under three years old (0 to 2 years) can sleep in a cot. Children over three must sleep in a large bed. The cot is 120 cm x 60 cm. When you make your booking, please specify whether you require a cot so we can ensure a set of bed linen for the cot € 9.50 p.p. is waiting for you.

Extra cot

At many of the parks it is possible to book an extra cot and extra bed linen for the cot (* cot bed linen). You can specify this under Extras.

*At Landal Resort Maria Alm € 15
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Are bed linens and towels provided?
For bed linen, you pay an extra amount on top of the rent of the accommodation, which you take standard with us. Bed linen cannot be cancelled. The bed linen package consists of a cover for the duvets, pillows and the mattress. The price we charge depends on the group you are travelling with, you will find this in your account. In our luxury and extra luxury accommodation, the beds have already been made. Did you not book a luxury accommodation but would like your beds to be made up? You can book this in your account under extras, a great way to start your holiday! Towels are not included in your booking, but you can add these to your account under extras. You will receive 2 towels per package ordered. So if you order 1 package, you will receive 2 towels. If you order 2 packages, we will provide 4 towels.
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Arrange in advance

I would like to rent a bicycle. How do I do this?
You can easily arrange this online or via the app at many of our parks. Does this not apply to your park? Please contact the reception of the park or arrange it during your stay. You can rent a bicycle for the next day and all the following days/months. Well, there you have it. We rent out city bicycles, e-bikes and cargo bikes. Would you like to rent a bicycle for the same day? Please contact the reception of the park. We will be happy to assist you. Good to know: whereas bicycles can be hired for a whole day, go-karts/family bicycles can be hired by the hour.
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What does a ski pass cost?
The cost of a ski pass varies per ski resort and depends on the number of days you want to ski.

In addition to this, the ski resorts Brandnertal/Montafon and Ski amadé have announced dynamic prices for the 2022/23 ski season. The earlier you buy your ski pass online, the cheaper it is compared to the box office prices.
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Do the winter sports parks provide ski lessons?
Ski lessons are available at all winter sports parks in Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. With the exception of Landal Vierwaldstättersee, you can book this in advance through Landal. If you book your ski lessons ahead of time, you will receive a 5% discount on your ski rental. To make a reservation, please contact the park reception.
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For on the road

I will not be able to arrive at the reception before closing time. What should I do?
In that case, please contact the park's reception by phone. They can then schedule a time for you to pick up the accommodation key. The park's phone number as well as the reception hours can be found on the relevant park's website under 'practical info’.
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Where can I find the addresses of the parks?
The addresses of the park can be found on the applicable park page under ‘practical info’.
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