170 bungalows, partially situated by the water
Indoor and open-air swimming pool
Plenty of facilities for the whole family

Frequently Asked Questions

Parkinformation general
  • Are face masks mandatory when visiting the parks?

    The Netherlands
    At the Dutch parks face masks are not mandatory, but it is recommended by the government.. Face masks are mandatory in all public transport. 

    Are you visiting the Wadden Islands? Please make sure you wear a face mask when you travel by boat. The ferry to the Wadden Islands is also a public transport. 

    At our parks in Germany its mandatory to wear a face mask in all public places in and around the parks. 

    In Austria it is mandatory to wear a face mask in banks, restaurants, public transport, mountain lifts and all medical facilities. In additon, masks must be worn if a minimum distance of 1 meter cannot be maintained. This rule doesn't apply to children under an age of 7 and people with certain illness.  

  • Are the campings open?

    All our campings in the Netherlands are open.The campings in Germany remain closed until December 20th. 

  • Are the parks open?

    The opening of parks might differ based on local corona measures. Please check the most up to date information in the FAQ category "Situation per country". The health of our guests and employees is of primary importance. We follow the guidelines of the local authorities in each country. This means that we will temporarily close the facilities in our parks if needed.

General information
  • What catering establishments are on the parks?

    Landal GreenParks has more than 80 parks in nine countries. There are one or more catering establishments present on most of these parks, from snack bars to a la carte restaurants. What is on offer varies from park to park and you can find this on the park pages.

    In addition, we offer extensive banqueting facilities on a large number of parks. You can also book a breakfast service from us. Would you prefer to eat in your own bungalow? In most parks we have catering arrangements, such as a gourmet arrangement, or a barbecue arrangement, although there are also pizzerias and even a schnitzel taxi. In addition, each accommodation has a kitchen and you can also opt to cook for yourself with your guests.

    Ask us about the options available on the park of your choice.

  • Where can I organise an event?

    We consider each event to be a unique event. That is why we aim to provide a tailor-made solution to your request. We are more than willing to discuss this with you to find out what your event needs to make it an unforgettable experience. We will help you to select the most suitable location.

    With more than 95 locations in nine countries there will undoubtedly be a location that meets your requirements. We would also like to invite you to discuss all your preferences and requirements with us. The staff at Landal Business Line are familiar with the offered locations and are more than willing to discuss available options.

  • What outdoor facilities are there on the parks?

    All of our parks are characterised by their location and are best described by tranquillity, space and natural beauty. We say not without good reason: Landal Business Line is all about doing the extraordinary. On and around our parks you will also find a range of possible options for outdoor activities. Depending on your preferences parks can be selected that meet your outdoor requirements.

    Do you want to mountain bike down the hill, go rafting, complete a climbing course or go blokart sailing? All of these things are possible! Even a full outdoor challenge course is available throughout the year at Landal Domaine Long Pré in the Belgian Ardennes. Here exciting challenges are organised in collaboration with Juventa Outdoor.

    Landal Business Line would be pleased to discuss the possible options with you on and around the various parks.

Your arrival and stay
  • What are the opening times of the park reception?

    For all information considering the parks, please visit our website. Each park reception has its own opening hours. You can find the opening hours on the website of your desired park, under the heading ‘good to know’.

    For all questions and information considering the parks, please contact the park reception of the desired park.

  • What are the arrival and departure times?

    On the day of arrival, the hand-over of the bungalow key will be after 3.00 p.m.The exact time can be found in your rental agreement. During the consultation, exceptions can be discussed whether an earlier check-in is possible or not. It is possible to use the facilities. The facilities available on the park will be open to use from 10:00 AM.

    On the day of departure, you must leave the house clean and tidy unless specified otherwise. The hand-over of the key on the day of departure will take place not later than 10:30 AM. In case of you moving from one bungalow to another, the same time limit will apply. At Hof van Saksen you have to leave your farmhouse no later than 11.00 AM.

  • I am not able to arrive at reception before closing time. What should I do?

    If you will be arriving later than the closing time of the park reception, you must report this beforehand to the park reception. They can make an arrangement with you about collecting the bungalow key. The telephone number of the park can be found on the website of the park in question. Under the 'Address and directions' link, you will find the address details, and the telephone number of the park reception.

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  • The Staff: 8.0
  • Surroundings: 8.3
  • Swimming pool: 6.3
  • Restaurant: 6.3
  • Price / Quality ratio: 7.5

Welcome to Landal Domein De Schatberg

Is this Limburg? Eating beside the water, swimming in the water and the sun setting over the water. This probably wouldn’t make you think of Limburg. But appearances can be deceptive: Landal Domein De Schatberg is situated close to the Groote Peel nature conservation area. From the terrace of your waterside accommodation, the countryside will look very different to the countryside you are used to in Limburg. When you go cycling in the neighbourhood, you will be astounded by the varied natural environment. What will you be doing tomorrow? Go to Germany perhaps, after all it is only just around the corner? Or enjoy the comprehensive facilities at the park? This holiday will be a journey of discovery…