New or refurbished accommodations

Landal GreenParks is constantly renewing. Besides our completely new accommodations, at a large number of parks we also offer refurbished accommodations with a lovely, fresh and modern look. If your curiosity has been sparked then take a look at our selection of new and renovated accommodations, where you will have an even more comfortable stay.

Landal Landgoed 't Loo

Stay at Landal Landgoed 't Loo in one of the refurbished bungalows. The bungalows have been given a completely new interior. Furthermore, the facilities at the park have also been updated considerably. Plenty of reasons to discover this park.
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Landal De Vers

Stay in a new or refurbished bungalow at Landal De Vers (North Brabant, Netherlands). The new 4-, 6- and 8-person bungalows have been beautifully furnished with luxury bathrooms and modern fitted kitchens. Furthermore, 20 of the 2-person bungalows have been refurbished.
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Landal De Reeuwijkse Plassen

Stay at Landal De Reeuwijkse Plassen in one of the new bungalows. These residences are all along the water and ensure that your holiday is as authentic as possible. From the bungalow you peddle or sail right onto De Reeuwijkse Plassen for endless fun on the water.
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Landal Hoog Vaals

Enjoy the good things in life together at a stone’s throw from the well-known Three Countries Point (Drielandenpunt). As of recently you can also stay with a large group at Landal Hoog Vaals in South Limburg. The park now has a 16-person bungalow equipped with all the luxuries.
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Landal Hunerwolde State

Enjoy luxury in the middle of the Drenthe countryside. Landal Hunerwolde State now also has a luxury bungalow for 4 people. 
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Landal Landgoed Aerwinkel

At Landal Landgoed Aerwinkel (Limburg, Netherlands), you can enjoy a wonderful stay in a bungalow with a refurbished interior.
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Landal Stroombroek

Enjoy the Achterhoek to the full at Landal Stroombroek. Two bungalows at the park have been renovated which will make your holiday even more of a success. What’s more, as a guest you can make free use of the sauna facilities at Palestra Beauty & Wellness.
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Landal Village l’Eau d’Heure

At Landal Village l’Eau d’Heure you will find everything you need for a fantastic holiday in the Ardennes. And your dog can enjoy the holiday too in the dog-friendly bungalow equipped with various facilities for your dog.
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Landal Orveltermarke

At Landal Orveltermarke (Drenthe, Netherlands) you can enjoy your holiday in a spacious and completely restyled bungalow.
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Landal Søhøjlandet

Landal Søhøjlandet is situated in the middle of the Danish countryside. Here you can explore the vast forests that you can walk straight into from your bungalow. Whether you are with the two of you, a large group, small children or your faithful four-legged friend, everyone is catered for.
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Landal Het Vennenbos

Come and enjoy the refurbished bungalows at Landal Het Vennenbos (North Brabant, Netherlands). With a Subtropical Water Paradise and indoor play area, this is the ideal holiday park for families with children.


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Landal Wirfttal

If you are looking for something a bit different than a bungalow or apartment, then come and take a look at Landal Wirfttal. The safari tents bring you close to nature and are suitable for 6 people. You feel like you are on safari but with all the modern conveniences.
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Landal Travemünde

The apartments in the charming dune villas in the Waterfront area of the park are ready to be enjoyed. These sunlit accommodations are located a short distance away from the lively promenade and feature large, furnished balconies and terraces, along with a bioethanol fireplace, which creates a ‘hygge’ atmosphere. Moreover, the wellness baths with grade-level steam and rain showers complete a perfect holiday.
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Landal Waterparc Veluwemeer

If you like sailing or other water sports, then you can indulge yourself to the full at Landal Waterparc Veluwemeer and a stay in one of the new apartments will be exactly what you are looking for. The park is located right by Lake Veluwe, offering you endless fun in the water.
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Landal Reevallis

Discover the hilly Limburg or explore Germany or Belgium; anything is possible at Landal Reevallis. Right from the renovated bungalows, you find yourself in the middle of nature for a relaxing walk in the woods or a challenging bike ride.
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Landal De Bloemert

Enjoy a wonderful stay by the water in the new and refurbished bungalows at Landal De Bloemert (Drenthe, Netherlands).  
  • 4-person bungalow 4BE
  • 4-6-person bungalow 4-6B
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    Landal Beach Resort Ooghduyne

    The location of Landal Beach Resort Ooghduyne (North Holland, Netherlands) makes it the perfect spot for water lovers. The new, luxury villas are furnished to provide an unforgettable holiday for big groups up to 22 people!
    Landal Beach Resort Ooghduyne

    Landal Port Greve

    As of recently, at Landal Port Greve there is a 'specially accessible' accommodation for 10 people. With two adapted bedrooms, an adapted bathroom and many other adjustments, this accommodation is highly suitable for guests with a physical disability.
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    Landal Sonnenberg

    Enjoy your luxury Glamping holiday in the new mobile homes at Landal Sonnenberg (Mosel, Germany).
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    Landal Natuurdorp Suyderoogh

    Landal Natuurdorp Suyderoogh (Groningen, the Netherlands) has detached 4- and 6-person bungalows with a fully refurbished interior. Enjoy your stay in the middle of nature.
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    Landal Hochwald

    The charm of the new, spacious holiday home in Landal Hochwald will strike you from the moment you set your foot in the door: a natural building style with plenty of wooden elements and ample space turn this house into something special. Feel the proximity to the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park in every nook of this cosy holiday cottage.
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    Landal Aelderholt

    Stay in one of the brand new, special accommodations available at Landal Aelderholt. Come and enjoy a completely furnished bungalow for our youngest guests. These baby-friendly accommodations are equipped with many convenient extras so you can enjoy a carefree holiday. Are you traveling with your loyal companion? Our special dog-friendly bungalows welcome you and your pet. These accommodations include a food and water bowl, a synthetic dog bed and dog bench. The garden is fenced so your dog has plenty of space to play outside.
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