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Welcome to Landal Gooise Heide

Tucked away in the forests of the Gooi, you’ll find the best of both worlds: Landal Gooise Heide combines the pleasure of outdoor living with a stay in luxurious accommodations. At this holiday park in the heart of the Gooi’s woods, you’ll spend the night in one of the luxury safari tents that boast pretty much every convenience you could wish. It feels like camping, but with everything you need at your fingertips. For instance, every safari tent is equipped with comfortable beds and features its own kitchen unit, bathroom and toilet, seating area and dining table. You can dine outdoors or enjoy a refreshing drink on your own veranda with garden furniture. Come experience the feeling of real outdoor living.

At the park, there’s no excuse for sitting still (unless you want to)! All manner of activities are organised here, from yoga classes to bootcamp sessions, and from hikes past the heaths and woodlands to boxing lessons. The lovely natural surroundings, including the impressive Tafelberg heath within walking distance of the park, offer plenty of space for these recreation options. The big eye-catcher at the park is the gigantic ‘Ray Shelter’, which offers 125 m2 of space – plenty for hosting live music, events and other activities. It’s a true festival experience!