Pay securely and fast online

Payment options
After you've made your booking, please double-check that all the details are correct. Are they correct? Then you can proceed with payment. There are several ways to pay. We would like to tell you more about them.
Secure online payment
It is critical to us that your information is secure. That is why we keep your information strictly confidential. This includes your payment information, name, address, and other personal information. We collaborate using Wordline. A dependable partner who accepts online payments. The payment is always made in a secure environment. Do you see the lock on the right side of the screen? Then you can be confident that your personal information is being sent securely.
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Credit card payments
You can securely enter your credit card details using our secure SSL procedure. Together with your credit card organisation, we will ensure that they are processed correctly. We accept:
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Americain Express
GDE Lunch
With this payment method, you can settle the payment directly with your own bank during the booking process. You pay in your own familiar internet payment environment, based on specific security methods of your own bank, including ABN Amro, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank, SNS Bank, etc.
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Sofort banking via Klarna
Sofort banking is a secure online payment system and part of Klarna. With the secure transfer form, Sofort banking automatically establishes the connection with your online bank. The payment will then also be sent directly.
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Bank transfer
You can transfer payment to IBAN account number: NL77RABO 0192332015, BIC: RABONL2U payable to Landal GreenParks in Zwolle.

Don’t forget to include your booking number so that we can process the payment quickly and correctly.

A transfer can have a processing time of 3 working days, keep this in mind so that we receive the money from you in time, before the due date.