By Rur Lake in Eifel National Park
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Welcome to Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor

The peaceful Heimbach in the Eifel, which also carries the title of being a 'National Park city', offers everything to organise your holiday as you wish. Landal Eifel Tor lies on a hill, surrounded by a breath-taking view on the Rur river. Stay in the new accommodations and enjoy the facilities of the holiday park and the stunning surroundings. Step on board a sightseeing boat on the neighbouring reservoir, or explore the surroundings on a comfortable electric bicycle.

Take an exciting walk with the forester through the National Park, relax on the beach or go sailing. Picturesque, friendly cities such as Heimbach and Monschau offer many opportunities to relax. In short: In the nature around Landal Eifeler Tor, everyone can relax in his or her own way.