Real outdoor living

The area lends itself to all kinds of relaxing and exciting activities. All manner of outdoor fun is organised in and around the park – all you have to do is sign up beforehand. Take, for instance, relaxing yoga classes, active bootcamp sessions or scenic trail running and hiking trips past the moorlands and through the woods. The gigantic Ray shelter offers 125 m2 of space for hosting live music, events and other activities: a true festival experience!

Hiking and cycling

Looking to explore the area on two legs or two wheels? That’s a great idea! In ten minutes by bike or a half-hour on foot, for example, you’ll find yourself on the Tafelberg heath. From there, you can enjoy gorgeous views over the heaths and woodlands.

A few highlighted routes

Tafelberg and Blaricummer heath route (approx. 12-15 km) – from the park, head in the direction of the Tafelbergheide and Blaricummerheide nature reserves for a hiking or cycling tour past woodlands and lovely heaths, which are at their most beautiful in the summer months.

Eemland route – to walk among the sheep and try your hand at spotting waterfowl, check out the Eemland hiking route. It takes you straight through the wide-open (and authentically Dutch) landscape near Eemnes.

Food and beverages

There’s no need to leave the park for a drink on the terrace or an evening of fine dining. The restaurant serves culinary creations of the highest quality, for which the chef takes his inspiration from fresh regional products. 

Sports and recreation

Plenty to do here! Work on your fitness level during a boxing lesson or Fit Fight, or get more ambitious by working up a sweat during a CrossFit session. And all of that in a lovely, green setting. You can also explore those same green surroundings yourself, of course, by going for a run past the moorlands and woods that encircle the park. There is also table-tennis at the park, so you can get in a few holiday matches against the other guests.


There’s plenty for kids to do in this green and wooded area, too. Walking, cycling, building forest forts: you name it, it’s here. There is even a modest playground at the park, set in nature, where the youngest guests can run about and play to their hearts’ content.