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I would like to cancel my booking. How can I do this?
This is easy to do via your MijnLandal account. Log in and click on the booking you wish to cancel; after that, the process will be self-explanatory. Depending on the arrival date and when the booking is made, we may charge you a fee for cancellations. For cancellations made up to 28 days before the arrival date, the fee is 30% of the total travel sum. If your scheduled arrival date is within the next 28 days, you must pay 100% of the total travel sum. If you booked your stay 14 days ago or less, and the arrival date is more than 28 days in the future, you will pay no cancellation fee.

Important: When you cancel a booking, this is not the same as requesting a leisure voucher. If you have booked a stay at a moment when the park in question is closed, you are entitled to receive a leisure voucher. This will require no action on your part: we will automatically email you the leisure voucher.
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How much of my travel sum will I get back if I cancel now?
- Do you cancel within 14 days of making your booking? Then you will receive 100% of the travel sum back.
- Cancel later than 14 days after making your booking? You will receive a 70% refund.
- Is your arrival date within 30 days? Then you are unfortunately not eligible for a refund. You will then pay 100% of the travel sum.

Check the timeline under 'Cancel and rebook' in your account to see what applies to your stay.
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How do I make a claim for my insurance with Europ Assistance?
You can easily do so online via Europ Assistance's website. Create an account, fill in your personal details and add the necessary documents. Europ Assistance staff will then process your claim.
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Within how many weeks will I receive my money back after cancelling my booking?
Within 4 weeks, the amount will be refunded to the account number you paid with.
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I have lost my cancellation confirmation. Can I receive it again?
Within 24 hours after cancelling your booking, we will send you a confirmation by e-mail. Did you not receive this or did you lose it? Check your junk mail to be sure. If not, please request the cancellation confirmation again via the link below.
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The arrival date of my reservation is within 30 days. Can I still cancel the reservation?
It is possible for it to be cancelled, however in this case you will pay 100% of the total travel amount.
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I paid for my booking with a gift card and want to cancel/rebook it. How do I get my money back?
If you rebook another stay, the amount you used from the gift card will be transferred to your next stay.
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