Is it safe to pay online with my credit card?

People often talk of the hazards of using a credit card to pay over the internet. Our site does not store your credit card information (number, expiry date, name of the cardholder) but instead uses a very advanced encryption technology when transmitting the data.We accept:
  •  American Express 
  • MasterCard 
  • Visa 
We ensure that all your data is transmitted safely by using Secure Socket Layers (SSL), an advanced internet security system that protects your information. The booking system used by Landal GreenParks therefore protects all credit card and address information. The data is not stored on our site so your privacy is guaranteed. In addition: Landal GreenParks does not have access to your credit card information, because the communication is directly with the credit card company. Credit card numbers are constantly checked by the credit card companies against a blacklist. An unwanted payment made using your credit card can be reversed within 30 days.