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A new piece of the Netherlands
In the Markermeer has grown a new piece of the Netherlands. 5 islands, which can be seen from the dike between Lelystad and Enkhuizen, have been created. These offer a place for many fish- and bird species.
MDN Overview
Project Marker Wadden
Marker Wadden is a unique project of Natuurmonumenten to restore nature in the Markermeer. As a very long, and proud, partner of Natuurmonumenten will we rent out the island houses on the island. The complete revenue of the rental of our island houses will be given back to Natuurmonument. In this way they invest in nature and research, so the nature on the island can grow. Green is good for you, that's why we want to be good for green.
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Did you know that...
  • The wood used to build the island houses comes from forests owned by Natuurmonumenten?
  • The island houses were built on the mainland and then transported to Marker Wadden by boat? This minimised the disruption to nature on the island.
  • The island houses were sustainably furnished by IKEA? This includes energy-saving appliances and lighting, taps that conserve water and products made from natural and recycled materials.
  • Development on the Haveneiland will ultimately take up no more than 0.1% of the total land area of the archipelago?
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Landal and Natuurmonumenten
Landal Marker Wadden isn't our first cooperation with our Dutch partner Natuurmonumenten. Since 2005 we are proud partners. Together we've planted thousands of trees to build new forrests. This year we've created about 35.000 m2 of flowerbeds to help biodiversity recover.