Food and drinks

Zeeland, hospitality and culinary delicacies go well together. Here, you can enjoy the most delicious local specialities. Seek out the conviviality in one of the towns in the area or take a seat at Heerlyckheijd Restaurant. Enjoy lunch or drink a toast on the terrace or have a leisurely dinner.
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When on holiday, swimming can provide the best times together. Jump into the indoor swimming pool with the children, or relax in the water-jet bench. Practice together for swimming certificates or have a competition for who can make the biggest splashes. In the summer, you can cool down in the sea on the beach at Nieuwvliet-Bad.
Swimming fun

Sports and games

You'll never be bored during your stay. Cast a line into the creek and compete against each other on the playing field. Hop on the bicycle and explore the many sides to Zeeland. Or take some riding lessons at Hippo d'Or riding school and go for a long trek along the beach.
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Climbing and scrambling in the play corner, charging around the playground, bouncing on the air trampoline. You keep an eye on it all from your place on the terrace. Back and forth over the water on the raft and having fun with the water games feature. Or have a relaxed day at Zeeland's beach with all the family.
Kids' facilities


The stunning beach and the Verdronken Zwarte Polder nature area are within walking distance. Explore charming Sluis or cross the border to historic Knokke, Bruges or Ghent. End the day in Phillippine mussel city or in one of the many starred restaurants that are so abundant in Zeeland Flanders.
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Hiking and cycling

Go for a long walk on the beach or explore the vast area around you with one of the many cycling routes. Explore the many sides to Zeeland, either together or with the whole family. In the dunes, along the coast and through historic towns. Enjoy the fresh sea air and discover the most beautiful spots in Zeeland Flanders.
Hiking and cycling