From the park, you can be in the middle of nature in no time. You can explore the beach, woodland, dunes and friendly villages on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. Go on a covered wagon tour or completely unwind with a wonderful walk on the beach. End the day in Midsland, on a terrace or take a seat in a cosy restaurant.


The Fjoertoer is a unique 16-, 22- or 40 kilometre hike. It is impossible to imagine Terschelling without this event any more.

Oerol Festival

Oerol, a real phenomenon! The Terschelling Oerol festival is said to be one of the most fun and special theatre festivals in Europe.

’t Behouden Huys Museum

You will find 't Behouden Huys Museum in West-Terschelling, a village in the Dutch province of Friesland. It focuses on the culture and general and marine history of Terschelling.
WebsiteApprox. 8 kilometres of the park

Wrecks museum

Owner and wreck diver Hille van Dieren has been collecting objects that have surfaced from the many shipwrecks around the island of Terschelling since 1975.
WebsiteApprox. 4 kilometres of the park

Experience the Wadden nature

Wadden Islands
Discover the nature which you can only find on the Wadden Islands.

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