Surrounding area

The area around Landal Rockingham Forest boasts both rural and urban landscapes – and everything in between. Dive into history that goes back 900 years and explore Rockingham Castle or visit one of the neighbouring nature parks or lakes. Foodies and beer buffs can indulge in a beer tasting at one of the breweries or go on one of the area’s famous chocolate tours. 

Exploring history in Peterborough

Peterborough is a vibrant, historic city packed with highlights that include a 900-year-old cathedral and historic museum of the city. A wide variety of events are also organised here all year round. Enjoy a day of nature in the Ferry Meadows area or fantastic shopping at the Queensgate Shopping Centre. 
WebsiteApprox. 18 km from the resort

Heading for adventure in Stamford

Stamford is a bustling marketing town, offering something for everyone. Its famed Georgian architecture has been used as a backdrop for many films including The Da Vinci Code, and it is home to independent shops and cosy eateries.
WebsiteApprox. 13 km from the resort

A stroll around the lakes of the Barnwell Country Park

Enjoy a casual stroll around the lakes of the Barnwell Country Park and feed the friendly birds. You may even spot a kingfisher! ‘The sands’ is perfect for a well-deserved picnic break – with a view! Choose the perfect spot next to the lake, cast a fishing rod or follow the nature path that leads to the adventure playground in the forest with exciting zip lines. 
WebsiteApprox. 19 km from the resort

Rockingham Castle – travel 900 years back in time

Built on the instruction of William the Conquerer, this castle served as a royal residence for 450 years. Inside the walls of this Tudor building, you will find exquisite architecture, furniture and works of art from virtually every century. Before exploring the impressive gardens, make sure to take a tour of the castle and enjoy the fantastic views of the five counties from the top. 
WebsiteApprox. 23 km from the resort

Up close and personal with the wild animals of the Hamerton Zoo Park

A visit to the Hamerton Zoo Park is synonymous with a personal (re-)encounter with a wide variety of wild animals, from big cats and monkeys to rare birds and even bears. The kids can burn off some energy at one of the two indoor playgrounds or get very close to the animals during the ‘Stroll-a-Safari’.
WebsiteApprox. 32 km from the resort