The surrounding area

There is plenty to experience in the Hondsrug nature reserve in Drenthe. Enjoy beautiful landscapes along various walking and cycling routes or dive into history at the Hunebed Centre in Borger. Daredevils can challenge themselves on the water ramps at the DX Adventurepark outdoor water park.

Sabre-toothed tiger trail

In the Hunzebos woods, you can follow the Sabre-toothed tiger trail. This two-kilometre trail starts at Landal PUUR Exloo and winds over hills created during the ice ages. The app with virtual and augmented reality, 360-degree videos and games give the playground equipment in the woods an extra dimension. Jump, climb, swish along the cableway, balance on a rope bridge and take on a sabre-toothed tiger. Who’s faster?

Time travel in Leewal - A walk through (pre)history

This 7 1/2 km route takes you through woods, heathlands and drifting sand dunes and along dolmens and fields between Exloo and Odoorn, taking you back 470,000 years in time. You’ll see impressive remnants of the ice ages and the mysterious Leewal ridge that meanders through the landscape. An app is also available for this route, featuring 360-degree videos, animations and assignments that let you experience history close-up.


Go on a safari in a wooded area right here in the Netherlands. Eko-Tours guarantees a unique excursion for couples, families and groups. Experience the nature of Drenthe in a whole new way with a 100% electric vehicle.

WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo in Emmen

Ready for a day of adventure? Visit WILDLANDS and travel around the planet in a single day. Discover new worlds, get eye-to-eye with wild animals and experience a spectacular race at the Tweestryd attraction: a mine with a mission!
WebsiteApprox 12.5 kilometres from the park

National Hunebed Centre

The Hunebed Centre in Borger in the Hondsrug region of Drenthe helps you follow the traces of prehistory.
WebsiteApprox 12.6 kilometres of the park

Kabouterland in Exloo

Go on an adventure! While roaming through a secret rabbit hole, children can feast their eyes on gnomes from very close by. Explore the exciting troll cave and follow the roofed path along unusual plants and delightful small exotic animals, such as squirrel monkeys, coatis, dwarf otters, meerkats and prairie dogs. The park also has several playgrounds, both indoors and outdoors.
WebsiteApprox. 3.4 kilometres of the park

DX Adventurepark

DX Adventurepark in Gasselte is the largest outdoor water park in the Netherlands and is located on the banks of the ’t Gasselterveld recreational lake. Fly through the air on six spectacular water ramps of up to 11 metres in length. Before you can jump, an instructor teaches you the basic principles of water ramping during a two-hour class. Overcome the obstacles of the aquapark and launch from the BigAirBag trampoline. An adrenaline kick is guaranteed - even for the most daring of daredevils!
WebsiteApprox 18.8 kilometres of the park

The Sheepfold in Exloo

Flocks of sheep are housed in the Sheepfold in the heart of the village of Exloo. This means that the shepherd and his flock always walk straight through the village to get there - a unique experience and fantastic sight to see! As they make their way through the village, it is as if time stops for a moment. The shepherd and his flock walk through the village daily from Easter break to Autumn break. During the rest of the year, they can be seen on weekends, and daily during school holidays.