There is something for everyone in Friesland! Historic cities, culture, limitless shopping, and a variety of water activities are all available. Visit Sneek or Leeuwarden to learn about these two distinct Frisian cities. There is also much to do for the kids. Spend a day in Terherne's 'Kameleon Village' or Aquazoo's aquatic animal paradise. In addition, you will enjoy the peace and quiet of nature that surrounds you. A moment of silence, of nothingness, of being one with nature. Friesland is well worth exploring.

Explore the area by boat

Ahoy, matey! Friesland asks to be discovered by boat. Experience the freedom and more in one of the Frisian cities. Enjoy the sun on your face and cool yourself in the lake when the weather is nice. You don't own a boat? No trouble at all! Our park offers sailboat and motorboat rentals.

Kameleon village Terherne

Do you want to go on an adventure? Discover Hielke and Sietse's universe in the 'Kameleon' book series. This is the place where stories come to life! A pleasant day out with the kids. The village of Lenten has been reconstructed from the books at the Kameleon farm, which is nice to behold. You will be greeted by a villager who will tell you the story of the Kameleon. There's also an interactive game where you may contribute to cracking the code. If you join the trip, you will be taken to numerous filming locations. Then get off the boat and set foot on 'Adventure Island.' Explore thrilling pathways through the woods, over the lake, and into the swamps. Go rope swinging or pole vaulting with your friends. And on the island, 'de Opkikker' serves wonderful food and drinks. Tip: bring dry/clean clothes and enjoy this day out together.
WebsiteAbout 400 meters from the park

Sneek, water sports city of Friesland

Did you know that in the 15th century, Sneek was the capital of Friesland? We can see why. Sneek's historic district features - quaint shops, terraces, distinctive monuments, and parks. Furthermore, as a fan of water sports, you've come to the right place. Have you ever waterskied? This is your opportunity! You may learn to water ski at Sneek's dedicated water ski course. Taking a flight over the water? You can flyboard on the Sneekermeer, which is a fantastic experience. Discover the Waterpoort, Sneek's most iconic and well-known landmark. This was built approximately 1492, around the same time as the city wall. The gate used to prevent you from entering the city through the water. Since 1630, the Waterpoort has been an 'ornamental gate' and no longer has a defensive function. Up for a party? Then visit the annual Sneekweek, where seven days are filled with hard sailing competitions. The largest pool party in Friesland will take place around the Waterpoort!
WebsiteAbout 23 kilometers from the park

Leeuwarden, the capital of a hundred names

Leeuwarden is also known as the capital of 100 names: Liwwadden, Leewadden, Ljouwert, Luwt, and Lintwarde. The center is the best-kept secret in the country. Leeuwarden is often known as Little Amsterdam because of its canals, palaces, monuments, and museums. Have you ever longed to visit Pisa, Italy? Not necessary; Leeuwarden has a tower that is much leaner than the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Leeuwarden was named European Capital of Culture in 2018 with good reason. You can also have a nice dinner in one of the quaint cafés and shop in one of the many stores. Yes, if you visit Friesland, you should not miss out on Leeuwarden.
WebsiteAbout 29 kilometers from the park

Discover the aquatic animal world of AquaZoo Friesland

From African penguins to South American fur seals, you can see them all at 'Aquazoo Leeuwarden.' Aquazoo is home to 88 different animal species. For children, there is a lot to do in the park. Consider romping at the playground and touching the animals at the petting zoo. A wonderful day out for both kids and adults.
WebsiteAbout 23 kilometers from the park