Play, play, play, that's what children want to do! And there are opportunities galore at Landal Landgoed Aerwinkel. In the indoor swimming pool, in the playground, or on the air trampoline. Of course, they can also simply have fun playing outdoors and racing around. Is Daddy going to help build cabins?

Fun for young and old

  • Bollo
  • Bollo house
  • Children's play area
  • Air trampoline
  • Playground(s)
  • Children's parties
Landal Adventure: our new game for kids
Are you going to Landal GreenParks with your kids soon? Download our newest, innovative app Landal Adventure and send your kids on a digital scavenger hunt through nature in the holiday park. By collecting resources, they will be able to design and build their own digital tree house plus check it out in augmented reality. Discover Landal Adventure – our new game for kids


Did you know that Bollo has his own cottage at Landal Estate Aerwinkel? Come and peek inside and leave your best drawing or sweet letter. Who knows what will be in your letterbox when you are back home! Of course you can meet Bollo and share lots of high fives and hugs. Bollo is present on Monday and Friday during the Dutch school holidays.

Activities for the kids

Bowling, a walk or a meet & greet with Bollo... You can explore nature every day with the discovery box. Do fun tasks together and discover everything there is to know about the animals, trees and plants that live at and around the park