On holiday with a group

Are you assisting a group that includes a number of people who are unable to travel independently? At different parks, you will find bungalows for 10, 12 or more people Some of which have care adjustments. The size of the bungalow makes it easy for assistants to keep an eye on things. At all the parks, it is also possible to hire several bungalows next to each other.

Extra customised care

A carefree holiday. Not so straightforward for everyone. If you need extra care or assistance, this may mean that more help is required. Do you have specific wishes or require specific facilities for a carefree stay? Landal GreenParks has a wide offer in care accommodation. Care and holiday go together well! For more information, please call 0900- 8842.

Accommodations with Comfort Care

Care and service facilities at your holiday address so that you are able to enjoy a carefree holiday. For guests needing extra assistance, nursing and care, Landal GreenPark has entered into a collaboration with Comfort Care This means you will have the same care and facilities you are used to at home.

Accessible accommodations

At different parks you will find adjusted accommodations for the less abled. If you are looking for extra comfort or if you have special wishes, we offer adjustments so you are able to move better in and around the bungalow. A suitable offer for optimum accessibility.
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Dialysis during your holiday

For dialysis patients, going on holiday is not always easy but it is possible. At six of our parks, we offer holiday dialysis in collaboration with local hospitals.

A bungalow for the hearing impaired

In collaboration with the Dutch Federation Persons of Impaired Hearing [Nederlandse Vereniging voor Slechthorenden (NVVS)] Landal GreenParks introduces the first holiday home for guests with impaired hearing. Organised for your ease of use and comfort. Discover the Hearing Villa at Landal Rabbit Hill and enjoy a holiday on the Veluwe.

Impaired vision or blind guests

The Vision Villa is the right holiday home for guests with a visual impairment. Together with expertise centre Visio, Landal GreenParks has developed a special bungalow to ensure the comfort of visually impaired or blind guests. Stay in this bungalow at Landal Landgoed 't Loo or Landal Hoog Vaals for a carefree holiday.

Problems with your respiratory system

At a large number of parks, Landal GreenPark has bungalows specially designed for people with respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD. Enjoy a carefree stay in the Lung Villa. It makes going on holiday easy for you as well!
Lung Villa