On Terschelling, you can get a real sense of vacation. Feel the freedom, serenity, and pristine nature. Choose from endless water sports options on the beach. Discover the beauty of nature and walk across the mudflats together. Go on a unique ride with your horse along the coast, or through the countless dunes. Allow the wind to blow through your hair, close your eyes, and use all of your senses to immerse yourself in Terschelling.

Discover the wilderness on Terschelling

Landal Kaap West is located in the Noordsvaarder: one of the best, most diverse nature reserves on Terschelling. Walk through the shifting dunes, heathland and huge stretches of sand. View the peaceful nesting birds, discover rare plant- and animal species, or spot a cute seal.

Cosy ‘West’: the largest village on Terschelling

You get off the ferry in the harbour of West-Terschelling, the largest village on Terschelling. It is easy to reach from the apartment complex! Relish the cosy cafes, restaurants and unique small shops in the centre. Enjoy a stroll on the beach, or sail on the Waddenzee.

The Brandaris: the oldest lighthouse in the Netherlands

This is the oldest lighthouse in the Netherlands, making it one-of-a-kind. This magnificent structure dates from 1594, the year Willem Barentsz set out on his first expedition. The islanders also call it ‘de toer’ (the tower). The Brandaris is manned day and night, and now serves as a sea traffic communications centre for the entire Wadden area.
WebsiteApprox. 700 metres of the park

‘Fjoertoer’ (Fire tour): a special walking tour through beautiful nature

The ‘Fjoertoer’ (Fire tour) is a special walking tour through the beautiful nature of the island, crossing the polder, the woods, dunes and, of course, along the beach. During this tour, artists on the island provide surprising fire and light effects guiding the walkers in the right direction through the darkness. Be amazed during this special and convivial walking tour. Final destination for the tour? The Brandaris, where fire (‘fjoer’ in the islanders’ dialect) always burns.

Oerol Festival: culture festival in June

The Oerol Festival is an annual cultural festival held on the island in June. Terschelling transforms into a giant stage for dance, theatre, street theatre, visual arts, and music for ten days. This is one of the largest location theatre festivals! This is a must-do activity for anyone visiting the island in June.

The ‘Behouden Huys’ Museum: unique, special and surprisingly versatile

Terschelling residents used to travel all over the world, and the results of their many boat trips are displayed in the 'Behouden Huys'. Permanent and temporary exhibitions dedicated to the history and culture of Terschelling, and sea voyages from the island. Step into the farming life of an islander, or into the cabin of Willem Barentsz, experience how this explorer lived (survived) during the winter in Nova Zembla.
WebsiteApprox. 250 metres of the park

The ‘Wrakkenmuseum’ (Wreck museum): delve into history

This museum is located on an authentic Terschelling farm and is interesting for people of all ages! Owner and wreck diver, Hille van Dieren, has been collecting unique discoveries from shipwrecks at Terschelling since 1975. The museum is packed with objects ranging in date from 1650 to the present. Discover the thrilling stories associated with these found objects. Behind the museum, you can also find a real pirate ship: ‘Woeste Willem’ (Ferocious William). There is a tree hut and a castle: fun for kids! You can also buy drinks and food there. Delve into history and visit this museum.
WebsiteApprox. 9 kilometres of the park

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