Be surprised by the landscape of Drenthe. Get out and about together or with the whole family and enjoy nature. Go on a covered wagon tour or a nice outing. See a performance in the Shakespeare Theatre, or visit the Prison Museum or Geopark 'De Hondsrug'.


Seven Colonies of Benevolence. What are the Colonies of Benevolence? These are seven landscapes in the Netherlands and Belgium that were created as part of a utopian social experiment to eradicate poverty in the beginning of the 19th century. The main idea behind the experiment was to enable poor people from the city to build a new life in the countryside. By working the land as farmers, these people would be able to sustain themselves in the long term. From the park you can easily visit five of these colonies. For more information, stop by the visitor centres that explain the history of these

Drents-Friese Wold National Park

One of the largest nature areas of the Netherlands.
WebsiteApprox. 8 kilometres of the park

Duinen-Zathe Funpark

Duinenzathe Funpark is the most famous amusement park in northern Netherlands and perfect for an unforgettable day.
WebsiteApprox. 10 kilometres of the park

Prison Museum

Have you ever stood in the pillory? Or seen a cell from the inside? Or seated on the seat of the court? It is possible at the Prison Museum.
WebsiteApprox. 23 kilometres of the park

Shakespeare Theatre

Enjoy performances in the outdoor theatre.
WebsiteApprox. 9 kilometres of the park

Geopark de Hondsrug

In the Hondsrug Geopark you’ll get to know the old stories and the enormous variety of forests in the Hondsrug-area contains.
WebsiteApprox. 54.5 kilometres of the park