Horses and ponies

Petting ponies, grooming them or taking a pony riding lesson: at Landal Het Land van Bartje Pony Ranch you can do it all. Learn the ins and outs of pony riding during an exciting covered wagon trip or a ride in the woods. Or go for the real Cowboy Experience and learn how to ride without a saddle.

Pet, stroke and get to know ponies

During Time for Swieber, the little ones get to know the ponies. Petting, stroking and sitting on the pony is already a great adventure for children up to 2 years old. Kids can also take part in Cowboy Experience and Vaulting lessons: prior experience is not required.

So much more to experience

Have you already familiarised yourself with our horses and ponies? Then it is time for a world full of experiences: from exciting covered wagon rides and fun open air rides, to learning the first tricks of Vaulting. Or feel like a real cowboy with the Cowboy Experience and learn how to ride without a saddle.

Activities at the Pony Ranch

As part of the Fun & Entertainment programme, plenty of activities are organised at the pony ranch. Here is a glimpse of what we have to offer - you will receive the final programme on arrival..

Activity Age
Pony riding lesson 3-12 years
Get to know a pony all ages
Cowboy experience 3-12 years
Meet Swieber - the oldest pony up to 2 years
Pony ride at the park 5-12 years
Pony ride in the woods 7-12 years
Vaulting 8-12 years
Mini Vaulting 3-7 years
Family rides All ages
Covered wagon rides All ages
Brush, pet and hug the ponies Alle leeftijden

De Swieber Pavilion

Have a seat in our friendly pavilion or select a table in the sun on the terrace. While your children are taking care of the ponies, you order your favourite drink. From our pavilion you can keep an eye on the children, who are enjoying themselves at the pony ranch or at the playground. Fun for the whole family!