You are staying in the heart of the woodlands of De Hondsrug nature reserve.
Set off together or with the whole family in the multi-faceted Drenthe landscape. View the historical dolmens in Borger, discover friendly Assen or hit a ball on
the golf course next to the park.

Country Gold Ees Golf course

Next to the park is the high-quality short golf course Country Golf Ees. The 18-hole are 5 hectares and vary in length. On this track you can pitch without CFP, putting and chipping.
WebsiteApprox. 250 metres of the park

WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen

In WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen, the animals are housed in the continent where they belong. A walk through the park is actually a world tour.
WebsiteApprox. 17 kilometres of the park

Drouwenerzand Amusement park

Attractions such as Indoor Apekooi, Para Jump, Antique Alley, Donkey alley and much more!
WebsiteApprox. 6.5 kilometres of the park

Treetop Path

Make beautiful walks in the forest or take your children to the Bosweide or Lorkenspeelbos.
WebsiteApprox. 12.5 kilometres of the park

National Hunebed Centre

The Hunebed Centre in Borger on the Drenthe Hondsrug puts you on the track to prehistory.
WebsiteApprox. 3.5 kilometres of the park

More tips

Discover the surroundings of the park on the interactive touch screen
at the reception. Touch the screen and learn more about fun activities,
sights and tips in the region. This is also the place to be for the loveliest
hiking and cycling routes.