I want to add or remove a travel companion. How can I do that?

You can easily do this yourself within MyLandal account. Go to the details of your reservation, there you will find the details of your travel companions under 'travel group'. Here you can change your travel group: you can add or remove a travel companion yourself. This concerns travel companions who stay the same number of days as you and not family / friends who stay overnight.

Adjusted price quote
Based on this, we recalculate the total price of your stay. You will also receive this adjusted quote from us by email. Have you added a travel companion? Then you can pay the amount that has been added under 'Payment information'. Is someone no longer going, and have you already paid for this? Then you will receive this payment back from us on arrival at the park.

Tip: Also enter the details of the people you are staying with at the park, so that you can check in faster and enjoy your stay.
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