I have booked a stay and would like to change the period or park. Is that possible?
If your scheduled arrival date is more than 28 days from today’s date, it is still possible for you to make changes in period, acommodation or park. To do so, please get in touch with our Contact Centre on: +31 88 205 9000. We will be happy to provide you with further individual assistance. The price of the booking will remain the same or will be increased. If the updated booking is more expensive, you will of course need to pay the difference.

If the booking has an arrival date less than 28 days from today, it is unfortunately not possible to make changes.
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How can I book additional arrangements?
You can book extras and/or arrangements online via My Landal.
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Can I reserve (extra) children’s furniture when booking?
Of course you can reserve (extra) children’s furniture. Please state when booking:
  • Child’s bed incl. bed linen (at Landal Resort Maria Alm: € 15)
  • Highchair
  • Playpen € 5,95
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How do I add a pet to my existing booking?
Depending on the availability of accommodation in which a pet is allowed, we can add a pet to your booking. The cost of bringing a pet is per night. Are you not taking your pet with you? Then we will naturally refund these costs to you upon arrival at the park.
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I want to add or remove a travel companion. How can I do that?
You can easily do this yourself within MyLandal account. Go to the details of your reservation, there you will find the details of your travel companions under 'travel group'. Here you can change your travel group: you can add or remove a travel companion yourself. This concerns travel companions who stay the same number of days as you and not family / friends who stay overnight.

Adjusted price quote
Based on this, we recalculate the total price of your stay. You will also receive this adjusted quote from us by email. Have you added a travel companion? Then you can pay the amount that has been added under 'Payment information'. Is someone no longer going, and have you already paid for this? Then you will receive this payment back from us on arrival at the park.

Tip: Also enter the details of the people you are staying with at the park, so that you can check in faster and enjoy your stay.
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Can someone stay overnight for part of the stay?
Yes, someone can stay overnight for part of the stay. However, it must fit within the maximum number of people in the accommodation. So if you stay in a 4C 4-person accommodation, a maximum of 4 people can stay. No extra beds can be placed. 

If you are expecting a guest, you can easily indicate this under 'Travel company' in your account. We ask you to indicate guests in connection with a contribution for tourist tax and bed linen. You can add and remove guest(s) up to 1 day before arrival. If you still want to bring someone along on the day of arrival, or want to remove them, please contact the Contact Centre. If someone only visits during the day, you do not need to report them.
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Can I change the house number of my accommodation?
The provisional house number of your accommodation can be found in the Landal app and in your account from 1 week before arrival. Would you prefer a different house number? Then you can record it for a fee (€39.95).

Make your change easily
You can easily make your request yourself via the link below and we will add the definitive house number to your booking. You agree to the above-mentioned additional costs. Would you like to provide multiple preferred numbers in 'comments'? In case your first choice is not possible, we can look into options for the other house numbers. Please also let us know if you prefer non-smoking and/or pet-free accommodation.
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Can I add a preference such as place number, pet-free, smoke-free or bath after I have made the booking?
Depending on availability, we can add this preference to the booking for you. Please note that adding a preference may incur an additional cost of 39.95 euros. Please note: for Hof van Saksen this is 50 euro and for Landal Maria Alm 70 euro. After making changes, you will receive a change note from us stating any costs.
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