In and around the park

Unwind completely at Landal Residence Westduin. Wake up to the singing birds, open the curtains and look out over the dunes. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sea murmuring. Enjoy a day in the area and go out on a bicycle. Or take a walk through the dunes to the beach. Enjoy to the full!

  • 15-minute walk to the beach
  • Bicycle rental
  • Dining at nearby beach pavilions
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Plenty of fun

There’s lots for kids to discover in the nearby area! For example, visit De Goudvis park where the kids can play for hours in the many indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Alternatively, spend a day at the Land van Fluwel adventure playground where they can romp around in nature and learn something about the environment.

Eating out nearby

If it’s windy and you want to go out for dinner but don't want sand blowing in your food, head to one of the nearby villages or towns. Here you’ll find many pleasant restaurants for afternoon or evening dining. Bon appétit!
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