Children of all ages are welcome. The Fun & Entertainment team are looking forward to crafting, painting and playing games with you in the Bollo Club. When the kids see the indoor play paradise, they definitely won't want to go home!

Play! all day long

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    • The whole year
  • Indoor play paradise
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  • Air trampoline
  • Bollo
  • Bollo house
  • Bollo Club
    • For the little ones (supervised)
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  • Bug mansion
  • Water games area
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  • Amusement hall
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Bollo Club

Did you know that Bollo lives in his own house at the park? You'll come across this friendly bear all over the park. The Bollo Club's theme is pirates. Bring along your pirate hat and make crafts, colour, paint and have your face painted as a pirate!

Fun & Entertainment

For young and old, the Fun & Entertainment team organises all kinds of fun activities all year round, from football tournaments to crafting. You can see a total and current overview two weeks before your arrival in the Landal GreenParks App. Will you join us? Everyone is welcome!

Indoor play paradise

Step into the world of fun and adventure. Run to the climbing wall and scramble through to the slide. When you're back on the ground, roll into the ball pool and jump on the bouncy castle and move on to the rope bridge and new indoor trampoline. Back at the beginning? Then we'll start all over again!

The paradise is suitable for children under 13. For mum and dad, there's a terrace where they can have something to eat and drink.

Children's bungalow

A frog bathroom? Yes! A play table? Yes! This bungalow is almost designed entirely for children. On the blackboard, you can see exactly who sleeps where. And that might be at the top of the bunk bed. Or at the bottom, whichever is cooler obviously.
View our 6-person children's bungalow