Hiking and cycling

At the border of Friesland and Groningen, you will find stunning nature surrounded by water. Walk through the water-rich landscape full of terps (mounds) and dykes, and make a visit to the old mill in Anjum. Or bike the 13-kilometre route to the friendly Frisian town of Dokkum.

Cycling in Fryslân

Discover pure Friesland. Bicycle along the green countryside, the cute villages. There is much to see in the area, such as Borg Verhildersum in Leens or visit the Open Air museum 't Fiskershúske in Moddergat. Get in the saddle and follow the trail markers or one of the cycling routes. Or combine this sportive activity with culinary treats with Happen & Trappen (Eat & Pedal). The route begins at Landal Esonstad and you bike the entire day from restaurant to restaurant through stunning nature.

Bicycle rental

Use our rental bicycles to get active outdoors and discover the countryside – they can be rented at Esonstad. Are you looking for the convenience and comfort of an electric bicycle or do the children want to explore the park with a go-kart? Discover our extensive possibilities.
Bicycle rental

Walking across the mudflats

Wadlopen is a typical Dutch activity that offers an exciting and adventurous opportunity to explore the beautiful natural landscape around the park. At low tide, the water retreats to the point where you can walk across the bottom of the Waddenzee over the exposed sandbanks. Accompanied by an experienced guide, you can enjoy a walk across the mudflats. Several companies around the park offer these walks, both for beginners and more advanced walkers. For more information, please contact the reception at the park.