When you stay at Landal Elfstedenhart, you stay in the heart of Friesland. The park is located on the historic Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour) route between Harlingen and Bolsward. You can (partly) walk, sail or cycle this route. And who knows, you may even have a chance to skate on it. Rent a SUP at the park and relax in the watery surroundings. Walk or cycle directly into the Frisian landscape past charming farmhouses and buy some of the tastiest local produce. Be amazed by the sweeping vistas and the stately, traditional canal houses. Visit one of the villages or cities in the area with their rich history. You can go every which way in Friesland!

The oldest planetarium in the world in Franeker

You will find many monuments in the historic city centre of Franeker, such as the old city hall, the Martinikerk (church) and the Martenahuis (museum). Rent a boat and experience this impressive city from the water. On top of that, on the ceiling of a stately canal house you will find a planetarium from 1774, an accurate, moving model of the solar system. It still works and is the oldest in the world. This planetarium was built by the Frisian wool-comber Eise Eisinga. The model of the sun with six planets rotating around it is still operational! A guide will tell you all about it during your visit to this exceptional room. After that, you can explore the rest of the museum by yourself. In the screening room, you can watch documentaries and see what Eise Eisinga’s historic living room looked like.
WebsiteApprox. 14 kilometres of the park

Seaport city of Harlingen

Harlingen, the gateway between the Wadden Islands and the Frisian mainland, is well worth exploring! If you are looking for city, nature, culture or beaches, then you can find them all here. Discover over 600 monuments from the past of the historic city centre of Harlingen. Be amazed and impressed by the lovely warehouses, stunning facades, wander past the lovely inland ports and along charming streets.
WebsiteApprox. 14 kilometres of the park

The Frisian museum village of Allingawier

You will find the picturesque Frisian village of Allingawier hidden away in the Frisian landscape. Here, it is as if time has stood still. In this open-air museum, you can see and experience how Frisians lived and worked 100 years ago. Get to know the Frisians and their history: it appeals to all ages. Sounds, smells, tastes and images transport you to the past. 
WebsiteApprox. 11 kilometres of the park

Sneek, water sports city of Friesland

At a central location in the Frisian lake district: Sneek is the water sports city of Friesland. Water sports enthusiasts are in the right place here! Have you ever water-skied? If not, this is your chance! Sneek has a special water ski course where you can learn. Fly across the water? You can go flyboarding on Sneekermeer. Sneek is also worth visiting for culture and lovely places to eat. Tip: explore the area around Sneek on an environmentally friendly e-chopper. There are also many hiking routes to follow, such as, for example, an art route. Or take an augmented reality tour and give your walk through Sneek an added dimension!
WebsiteApprox. 18 kilometres from the park

Leeuwarden, the capital city with a hundred names

Liwwadden, Leewadden, Ljouwert, Luwt, Lintwarde: Leeuwarden is also called the capital city with a hundred names. The city centre is the best kept secret in the Netherlands. With its canals, town houses, monuments and museums, one of Leeuwarden’s many names is Little Amsterdam. If you have always wanted to go to Pisa in Italy, there’s no need. In Leeuwarden we have a tower that’s even more lopsided than the Tower of Pisa! Leeuwarden was justifiably crowned European Capital of Culture in 2018. Here, you can also enjoy wonderful meals out in one of the charming eateries and go shopping in the many boutiques. If you go to Friesland, a visit to Leeuwarden is not to be missed.
WebsiteApprox. 29 kilometres of the park

Walking across the mudflats, a unique experience

An experience you must have on your bucket list: walking across the mudflats. You can only really enjoy the overwhelming silence when walking across the bottom of the sea. During this walk, you will discover why the Wadden Sea is a UNESCO heritage site. Enjoy the fresh air by the Wadden Sea! Wadloopcentrum Fryslân organises mudflat walks, so that you can try it out. Join a walk, together through the sea.