Sports and games

Landal De Lommerbergen is a paradise for active guests. Play a game of football or basketball at the new Sports Arena, or challenge each other to the still popular game called wall-kicking, but now in a modern digital form. Play a game of Adventure golf, enjoy a game of bowling or jeu de boules with each other, or cast a line in the fishpond. The kids can have fun in the renewed indoor playground or outside on the adventure island. The possibilities are endless!


So much to do

Sport and game
  • Fun & Entertainment programme
    • The whole year
  • Sports Arena
  • Game City
  • Jeu-de-boules playing area
  • Pool table
  • Bikes & More
    • Child seats
    • Children's bicycles
    • Cabby's
    • Mountain bikes
    • Go-karts
    • Child carts
    • Bikes & More
    • Tandem bikes
    • Parent-child tandems
    • E-bikes
    • Bikes
  • Bowling alleys
  • Adventure island
  • Fishing pond
  • Games rental
  • Archery range
    • Under supervision
  • Adventure Golf
  • Recreational beach (swimming not allowed)

NEW: Sports Arena

On our new multifunctional sports field, the Sports Arena, you can play table tennis, basketball and much more. On the Sutu ball wall you play the old and still popular wall kicking game but a slightly new variant. The wall has 16 luminous flat surfaces that measure when you kick or throw. On the Soccer44 field you win if you shoot through the middle hole. Who are you challenging?!

Colourful bowling

Would you like to do sports activities during your holiday? Then take the whole family bowling on our renovated bowling alleys. The special alleys with LED lighting that display various animations on the alleys are unique in Europe and provide a colourful and spectacular experience. Use a QR code (iPhone) to select a cool animation that will be projected on the alley, roll up your sleeves and go for that strike!
Price bowling alley: € 30,00 including lane projection (55 minutes; max. 6 people per lane). 

Adventure Island

Take the pull-raft and cross over to the adventure island. The world of fun and adventure. Have fun on the swing and cross over with the rope bridge. Clamber up in the tower and, once on top, wave to Mom and Dad. Whoosh down the slide. Shall we go again?

Cast your line out

Fishing enthusiasts, pay attention! Find a spot on the edge of the fishing pond, cast your rod and relax. You can even fish when the weather is bad. Just go to the indoor fishing river 'Oppe Drake Baek' near the holiday park. Have you had a bite yet?

Fun & Entertainment

At Landal De Lommerbergen, there's plenty to do all year round. Together with Bollo, Puk & Pelle and the Fun & Entertainment team, the children will enjoy themselves and have an unforgettable holiday. A show with Puk & Pelle, crafting in the Bollo Club or an adventurous covered wagon tour. Fun for young and old alike. You can see a total and current overview two weeks before your arrival in the Landal GreenParks App.

Adventure Golf

The new Dragon Adventure Golf is the ultimate fun for anyone who loves outdoor sports and golf. On the 18-hole course you can have a blast with the whole family. The challenging Dragon Trail is twice as long as the average miniature golf course. Narrow passages, dragon eggs, dragon footprints and even an island are all obstacles that must be overcome.