Be amazed by the wonderful long-distance views across the sea and find yourself completely unwinding. Landal Ameland State is the perfect base from which to explore the island. Take in the fresh air at the coast, go on a ride in a horse-drawn wagon, or visit the Ameland lighthouse and discover its rich history.

Demonstration horse-driven lifeboat

The horse-driven lifeboat on Ameland sails every month. It is a very impressive spectacle that you will not want to miss. With a thunderous noise, ten sturdy horses pull the lifeboat down the beach and through the crashing waves into the sea. The use of horses for launching the boat shows that the rescuing of people drowning and the provision of assistance to ships that find themselves in difficulties off Ameland has a long history. It is an event that is a reminder of days gone by.
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Museum of Cultural History ‘Sorgdrager’

dedicated to the history, culture and customs of Ameland. The museum includes an originally decorated commander's house from 1751, a print room and an area for temporary exhibitions.
WebsiteApprox. 11 kilometres of the park

Nature Reserve Het Oerd

Nature reserve Het Oerd is an old overgrown dune area with several high dunes and moisty dune valleys.

Agricultural and Beach-combing museum ‘Swartwoude’

It seems romantic, but in fact it was a big struggle for existance; the life of the farmers at the old Ameland.
WebsiteApprox. 4 kilometres of the park

Aero Service Ameland

A sight seeing tour is the perfect way to see the Dutch wetlands.
WebsiteApprox. 7 kilometres of the park

Golf Course d’ Amelander Duinen

Find a balance between the holiday feeling and the "island feeling".
WebsiteApprox. 10.5 kilometres of the park

Exploring the surrounding area

Explore the surrounding area and discover everything that is on offer. A day full of action and excitement in an amusement park, a trip to the zoo or a visit to an event in the region. There is plenty to do at the parks, but the surrounding area has much to offer too. Plenty of entertainment, something for everyone.