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Easily open the door of your accommodation or the campsite barrier with your smartphone
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Digital key
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This is how it works!

Step 1: Download the app and log in!

The Landal App is easy to download from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Then log in with the account you booked with, and follow the steps in the app to link your booking.


Step 2: Complete the pre-arrival checklist

You will find the pre-arrival checklist in the Landal-app and in your bookings online. You can recognise missing information by the red icons. As soon as you provide the necessary information, the icons will turn green. When all icons are coloured green, your digital check-in is complete and you are ready for a smooth arrival.

Step 3: follow the steps in the app for use

You're almost there! The phone must be able to communicate with the lock. To do this, we ask you to turn on location services and Bluetooth. Then keep an eye on the app on the day of arrival. Here you can see the status of your key, it becomes green when available.

We use the digital key to open our accommodation, the barrier and some facilities. Make sure you hold your phone against the lock. The lock is opened as soon as the light on the lock flashes. Please note, some accommodation requires the lock to be manually opened. Watch the instruction video below for more information.

Step 5: Sharing your digital key

After arriving at the accommodation, you can easily share the digital key with your travel companions. Follow these steps:

1. Go to "share the key"
2. Share the displayed link with your travel companions (e.g. via WhatsApp or email)

The digital key at Landal Camping

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital key
  • How do I know that I will have a digital key for my stay?

    We indicate this in your booking confirmation. You will also receive an email shortly before your arrival to explain how to use your digital key. The Landal app also clearly shows whether your booked park uses the digital key.

  • How should I configure my smartphone before I can use the digital key?

    Download the Landal app and log in with your account. In addition, switch on your bluetooth, location and 4G/5G internet. You can also use wifi. We do recommend a 4G/5G internet connection in order to make optimal use of the key.


  • When will the digital key be visible in the app?

    Once you have made your booking, the digital key will be visible in the app. You can use the key as of 4 p.m. on your arrival day once you have completed all the steps. We will indicate which steps are still required (for example payment, sending us the names of your travelling companions).

  • I cannot find the digital key in the app. What do I do now?

    You will find the key in the app once you have followed the steps below in the Landal app or in your account on our website:

    • Pay any outstanding amount.
    • Inform us of your travelling companions;
    • Let us know what time you expect to arrive.
    • Complete your emergency contact information

    Did you complete all the steps but are still unable to see the key in the app? Please contact the reception of the park. We will be happy to assist you.
    Good to know: the key is only visible in the app and not on the website. This is from about 7 days before arrival. Around 4, the key turns green, and is ready to use. Want to know more? See here for more information about the digital key.

  • Can I share the digital key with my travel companions?

    Yes you can! From the moment you arrive at the park, you can share the key with your travel group. To do this, click on the digital key and then on share key. You can then choose the way you want to share your key (e.g. via WhatsApp or e-mail). This way, everyone can enter and leave the accommodation themselves, which is very convenient. Please note: it is not possible to share the key before you arrive at the park. Have a look at our page about the digital key for more information and how it works.

  • Can I also use wifi when I use the digital key?

    Yes, this is possible. However, we recommend using 4G/5G for the best connection.


  • Do I also use the digital key to open the access gate at the park?

    Yes, this works at many parks. On the day of your arrival at the park, the access gate will often be open already.

  • I don't have a smartphone, how do I check in?

    No worries. Just go to the reception of the park, our staff will be happy to help you.

  • My digital key doesn't work or stopped working. What do I do now?

    This is annoying. Try the following:

    • Check that you have downloaded the latest version of the Landal app.
    • Is this not the case? Then make sure you update the app to the latest version and log in again. 
    • Do you have the latest version? Then log out, close the app and then log in again.
    • Do the above steps not work? Delete the app and download the app all over again.
    • Is the digital key still not working? Try it on another device and log in with your credentials.
    If this doesn't help either, please refer to the park reception. Is the reception closed? If so, contact the emergency number provided in the app.

  • I don't have an internet bundle on my mobile phone, what do I do now?

    No problem, we offer free wifi at many of our parks. This way you can still use the digital key!

  • I have booked more than one accommodation. Will I then receive a separate digital key for each accommodation?

    As the main booker you will receive a digital key giving you access to all accommodation within the booking. You can share this key. If you want to share the key with your travel group, you share it per accommodation per travel companion. The travel companion will only receive the key to the accommodation for which it is shared.