Packing list

What not to forget when packing for your next holiday?
Wherever your holiday takes you, and whether it's with family, friends or your partner, it's important not to forget anything when packing. But what are the things you should never forget when packing for your holidays? We have put together a simple and easy-to-follow packing list, which will help you stay on top of things while you are packing.
Family put suitcase in car
Before you go
 Download the Landal App
 If you are going abroad, check the expiry dates of your passports.
 Arrange for someone to look after your house (feed your pets, water your flowers & plants, empty your letterbox)
 Make sure the person who will be looking after your house has a key to your house
 Make sure there is enough food for your pets
 If your dog is not coming on holiday with you, make sure to book a dog boarding kennel.
 Empty the fridge
 Empty the litter bins
 Check that all windows and doors are closed
Things to have on hand when travelling by car
 Check the address and directions to the park in the Landal app
 Driving licence, vehicle registration and insurance documents
 Reservation confirmation (no need to print)
 Health insurance card
 ID card or passport
 Small travel bag
 Debit card / credit card / cash
 Water and some food to bring along
 Rubbish bag for in the car
 Hand cream
 Wet wipes
 Something to keep you entertained: audio books, music
 Phone charger
 First aid kit
 Warning triangle
For the kitchen
 Hand and dish towels*
 Kitchen roll, napkins
 Spices, such as pepper and salt
 Sugar and/or sweetener
 Coffee/tea + filters (coffee machine and kettle are available in the accommodation: check the page of the accommodation you have reserved to see which coffee machine is available)
 Aluminium foil
 Freezer bags, ice cube bags
 Hand soap
 Dishwasher tablets
 Rubbish bags
 Olive oil or butter for cooking
 Cleaning cloths
 Baking paper for the oven
 Food for your first meal

A starter pack is available in the accommodation, containing: washing up liquid/dishwasher tablets, a dishcloth and a washing up brush.
* It is possible to reserve a kitchen Cloth, under ‘extras’ in your account.
For the bathroom
 Hand soap
 Towels for the shower
 Guest towel for toilet/bathroom
 Razor and gel
 Shampoo and conditioner
 Hair mask
 Hair mousse, gel
 Comb, brush
 Cotton pads
 Cotton buds
 Hair dryer
 Shower gel
 Toothbrush and toothpaste
 Toilet paper (the first roll is provided in the accommodation)
 Sanitary towels, tampons
 Face cream
 Body lotion
 After sun lotion
 Medicines (paracetamol is always handy)
For the bedroom
 Flip flops

You needn’t bring your own bedding. This is available in the accommodation. An extra fee for bed linen is automatically charged on top of the accommodation price. It is not possible to cancel bedding. The bedding consists of a cover for the beds, pillows and the mattress.
Families with young children
 Fresh and powdered baby food, purees, powdered milk and a drinking bottle
 Nappies, wet wipes and cotton nappies
 Pram or buggy
 Baby monitor and charger
 Colouring and drawing books, markers

Cots and high chairs can be reserved free of charge. However, a fee is charged for the children's bed linen.
If you take your dog with you on holiday
Think about booking a lodge that allows you to bring your dog along.
 Tag with your mobile number and temporary address
 Dog passport and insurance information
 Water and food bowls (unless you’ve reserved a dog bungalow, in which case they will be provided)
 Food (kibble and/or wet food)
 Toys, balls
 Basket and/or rug to lie on (unless you've reserved a dog bungalow)
 Dog carrier
 Bench seat or harness for the car
 Old towels for after swimming
 Collar & leash and/or harness
For the evening
 Tealights, candles
 Games, cards
 Lighter, matches
 Books, magazines, crossword puzzles
 eBook reader, tablet
 Headphones, earplugs
And don’t forget...
 Sun cream
 Pen & paper
 Lenses + lens cleaner and case
 Blister plasters
 Enough clothes, underwear, socks
 Swimwear and goggles
 Sportswear + shoes
 Hiking boots
 Rainwear and rubber boots, umbrella
 Insect repellent
 Torch and batteries
 Party grill set + extension cord