Do you have a complaint?

Complaints procedure
Are you not completely satisfied about the care and effort of Landal GreenParks during your holiday? Then you can choose to file a complaint. To provide you the best service as possible, we ask you to follow these complaints procedure.
Step 1
Are you not completely satisfied with your stay? Before anything else, a complaint should be reported directly to the park reception, so that we can try to resolve the complaint on site.
Step 2
Should you feel that a complaint has not been dealt in a satisfactorily manner, despite the care taken and efforts made, you may submit your complaint in writing, within one month after your departure from our park by post or mail. This stating your reservation number, name, address, te dates of your stay, the name of the park and the accommodation number. The complaint shall then be handled with due care.

Contact information: 
Landal GreenParks B.V.
Guest Services Department
PO Box 95991
2509 CZ Den Haag
The Netherlands
Step 3
Should this also fail to lead to a satisfactory solution, you shall have up to three months after your departure from the park to submit your complaint to the Recreation Dispute Committee (Geschillencommissie Recreatie) in The Hague, The Netherlands.