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Culture or nature? With a stay in Friesland, you don't have to choose. In Friesland, you are surrounded by a water-rich landscape. Culture lovers can indulge themselves in the historical city of Leeuwarden.
  • Water-rich Friesland
  • Open landscape
  • Immerse yourself in its culture and in the charming cities
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Friesland 3rd in Lonely Planet top 10

Lonely Planet has chosen Friesland as number three of the ten ‘Best in Europe’ places to visit in 2018. This is unprecedented for the Netherlands, as it is the first time a destination in our country has ranked this high on the famous travel list. The Frisian Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage site, played an important role in achieving this honour. The lively capital of Leeuwarden, the vast landscape and the spectacular Frisian Wadden Sea islands helped earn the province its high ranking on the list. The fact that Leeuwarden-Friesland has been chosen as the 2018 European Capital of Culture has also not gone unnoticed.
"Hidden Gem” Friesland in Lonely Planet's Top 10

Holiday in the North

Visit one of the typical Frisian towns: Dokkum, Kollum or the capital Leeuwarden. Time for action? Go rowing, sailing or surfing. Friesland has everything you could wish for if you love water. With the many lakes and fun attractions, there is plenty to do!

Varied landscapes

In the vicinity of the holiday park, you will find stunning nature, surrounded by water. Follow one of the hiking trails which lead you along the water over the terps (mounds). Or will you go on a city walk through Leeuwarden? One thing is certain, you will discover Friesland's most beautiful spots on foot.
Put on your walking boots

Stunning backdrop for cyclists

The green open landscapes of Friesland are perfect for cycling. Take a bike and discover charming little villages, the many Frisian lakes and beautiful countryside. Jump in the saddle and follow the trail markers or choose one of the cycling routes we have already prepared for you.
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