Cycling in South Bohemia

Cycling, the trend in the Czech Republic. While on holiday, take advantage of the many cycling routes in South Bohemia. Rivers, mountains and highlands lead you through the stunning countryside. The region also offers many tourist attractions that can easily be reached by bike. See the best cycling routes here!

Cycling routes

Sumava cycling route
The 240 km long Sumava route starts in Domazlice and takes you via Zelezna Ruda to the finish in Horni Dvoriste. The Sumava mountains run some 100 km along the border with Austria and Germany. The Bohemian forest is one of the largest forested areas in Central Europe and is also referred to as Europe's Green Heart. It contains stunning glacial lakes and vast century-old peat lands.
In many cities and mountains, you can use the 'cyklobusy' (bike busses). In the summer season, you can take your bike on these busses. This means you can select a route and don't always have to start and finish at the same place. If you go cycling in the mountains, you can also take the cableway to overcome differences of height. You can take your bike on the cableway.

Remember: cyclists under 18 years old are required to wear protective headgear.

At the park

You don't need to take your own bike to enjoy the cycling routes around the holiday park in South Bohemia. At Landal Marina Lipno, you can rent bikes for adults and children and mountain bikes. Explore the most beautiful spots in the region by bike!