Explore Oldenburger Münsterland

Oldenburger Münsterland is a lovely woodland and moorland area. Nature lovers can go on adventurous walks through the lovely countryside. The Thülsfelder Talsperre reservoir is definitely worth a visit too. Have you packed your walking shoes?

Hiking trails

Discovery trail in Thülsfelder Talsperre 
The 10-km Thülsfelder Talsperre trail goes round the reservoir. Your walk takes you past 19 observation points. In the unique landscape, you will come across some amazing flora and fauna.

Moorland path "Molberger Dose"
The 2.5-km long marsh education path crosses the 600-hectare peat moorland. On the way, you will learn all about peat and marshland. The walking route starts in Molbergen, near Landal Dwergter Sand.
Dwergter Sand walking route 
In Dwergte, you can follow the 3.5-km walking and experience trail. 17 information signs guide you through the wooded area. There is also a fitness track for the more sporty visitors. 

Walk through nature areas

Around Molbergen, there are various nature areas which are worth visiting. Wildehauser Geest nature park, the Bührener Tannen woodlands and the Urwald Baumweg forest provide some fantastic nature walks.

At the parks

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