Cycling in the Eifel

You will enjoy cycling in the thick forests and deep-cut valleys of the Eifel. There are numerous well-maintained cycle tracks criss-crossing the uplands. Don't miss the fascinating volcanic landscape located in the Vulkaan-Eifel, between the river valleys of the Rijn and the Ahr! Are you going to get on the bike?

Cycling routes

Kylltal cycling route
The 130 km long Kylltal cycling route takes you right across the Eifel and through different landscapes. This long distance route is totally family-friendly, running through flat to slightly hilly terrain. The entire route is served by rail so it's easy to travel back to the starting point.

Eifel-Hohen route
The Eifel-Hohen route is located nearby Landal Wirfttal. This sporty cycling route is 230 km long and takes you round the Eifel National Park. There are breathtaking panoramas to enjoy from different heights.
Mountain biking
The Vulkaan-Eifel has a hub serving a network of mountain biking routes. The landscape has many hills, rocks and crater lakes formed by the volcanic eruptions. The VulkanBike Trail Park has a network of routes totalling 750 km, perfect for the sports enthusiasts!

At the parks

At the holiday park in the Eifel, you can rent bikes for adults and children and mountain bikes. Various cycling routes start there. Or would you rather have the Cycling package? Leave your bike at home and be prepared and organised! Before you book, check the possibilities at the park of your choice.