Walking in Jutland

The landscape of Jutland has so much to offer. Nature is characterized by unique contrasts. Discover the beach and the sea, as well as the vast forests and heathlands on foot.

We have already listed some routes for you.

Walking routes

North Jutland
Discover the authentic trade route across Jutland. Walk the Ancient Road Hærvejen, a 500 km long route through the varied nature. The Heerweg connects the German 'Ochsenweg' with 'Skt. Olavsleden’ in Sweden and Norway. Experience Danish history and pass through important historic points.

West Jutland
In the Vesterhavet Nature Park you can be your own guide. Discover the nature and cultural history of the Nature Park with the free app 'Stories of the Danish North Sea Nature Park' for your smartphone or tablet. A walk in the woods could be a tour of a 1946 refugee camp. Whether you want a quiet walk or a hiking trail, the decision is all yours.

East Jutland
Take a hiking tour in Jernhatten through a forest full of gnarled trees. You can admire beautiful views over the sea to the island of Hjelm. The special climate, with little rain and plenty of sunshine, has created a special environment for plants and animals.

Discover the hiking routes in North Jutland. For example, Grenen Spor in Skagen is an ideal route for people with physical disabilities and families with prams. Or take the Sæbygård Skov route, an idyllic route through a beech forest with winding streams, 85 metres above sea level.

Walk along the western coast of northern Europe in the Wadden Sea National Park. At ebb tide you can walk on large parts of the Wadden, but make sure you stay close to the coast as soon as the tide turns. An essential excursion for those who like to spot birds, wild animals and the wadding of a wad. Some parts of the area are even listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Walk via the Margriet route through the islands of Lolland, Falster, Møn and Seeland and discover how these islands are unique. The islands are easily accessible because they are connected to each other by bridges. For example, discover the imposing white chalk pots on Møn or the remains of the Viking period on Seeland. Enjoy no less than 3,700 km of spectacular coastline!