Can I view my booking without an account?
Yes, via the my bookings button you can now also view and pay for your booking using your booking details. Here, you only need to enter the booking number, the surname of the main booker and the arrival date at the park.

We do recommend creating an account so that you can link your booking in the Landal app. And so have all the practical information to hand. If you want to know more about the Landal app, take a look here.
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How do I create an account?

You can do that easily here.

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I haven't received a verification e-mail to confirm my account, what do I do?
You may already have an account. Try to log in or select ‘Forgot password’. You can then set a new password via an e-mail you will receive from us. Please check your junk e-mail just to be sure.
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How can I add a stay to my account or to the Landal app?
If you were logged in when your booking was made, your booking is automatically in your account and the app. That's easy! 

If you want to add a booking in the app, go to the 'Bookings' tab and click 'Add booking.' In your account on the website, on the overview page, click the blue 'Add' button under 'All your bookings in a row'. Here, you enter the booking number of your booking. This can be found in the confirmation you received by e-mail.

You can only link a booking number to the e-mail address with which the booking was made. So only the main booker can add the stay to his or her account. 

Please note, if you have made a booking at a UK park, it is not (yet) possible to link your booking in the app. However, you can view the park with facilities and activities. 
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I want to delete my account. How can I do this?
You can delete your account from our website and app in the Landal App under "My details" or fill in the form below. You will be notified when the account has been deleted.
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