The most fun gift you can give

Would you like to make someone feel special? With the Landal Giftcard, you can give someone an unforgettable experience as a gift at one of our holiday parks in the Netherlands and abroad (excluding Great Brittain). You’ll always have a special gift for a special moment. The Landal Gift Card is valid for 3 years after activation, so you can enjoy it for an extra long time.

Order a Landal Giftcard

Electronically or by post?

It is simple to order the Landal Giftcard online. If you opt for the electronic option, you will receive the giftcard right away by email. Would you rather receive the Landal Giftcard by post? If so, we will send the giftcard out to you. You can then activate the card by using the code you will receive by email.

Choose the amount you require

The Landal Giftcard lets you give someone a bit of a holiday as a gift. What amount would you like to put on the card? Will you choose € 25 or € 50? You can choose any amount between € 5 and € 150. If you would like to give a higher amount as a gift, you can order more than one giftcard.

Give a holiday as a gift

Are your parents celebrating their silver wedding anniversary this year? Would you like to surprise your children’s babysitter? Or would you like to give someone a little boost? Whatever you are celebrating, the Landal Giftcard is always an appropriate gift. So order the most fun gift you can give.
Order a Landal GiftcardGift Card Terms and Conditions

Redeeming a Landal Giftcard

You have received a Landal Gift Card that you would like to redeem. Or maybe you still have a Landal gift voucher that you would like to redeem. Here, we will explain everything you need to do, step by step.
I have received a giftcard

Frequently asked questions about the Landal Gift Card

  • How do I know whether my payment was received correctly?

    You will receive a confirmation email from us about your order. Did you not receive a confirmation email? First check whether this email ended up in your spam folder. If not, then please contact our Contact Centre on 0900 - 8842 (standard call charges apply).

  • What should I do if my payment was not successful?

    If you are unable to order a gift card because your payment was not successful, please contact our Contact Centre on 0900 - 8842 (standard call charges apply). We will be pleased to provide further assistance.

  • Can I also pay for my gift card with a credit card?

    If you would like to order a gift card, then you can pay immediately online. It is possible to pay by creditcard (Visa and Mastercard). 

  • How long is my Landal Giftcard valid for?

    The Landal Giftcard is valid for three years after activation. You can activate it easily and quickly with the activation code you receive by e-mail. Click activate giftcard and enter the giftcard number and activation code.

  • Does Landal offer business gift cards?

    Landal offers gift cards for private use. These can be ordered here. These gift cards may also be ordered for business purposes, but Landal cannot provide an invoice for this. It is not possible to order the gift cards in bulk with an invoice. Our gift cards are therefore especially recommended for private use.

  • How long in advance can I order a Landal Gift Card?

    If you order the Landal Gift Card on a Monday before 5 pm, the card will arrive on Tuesday. If you order the Landal Gift Card on a Saturday, it will be delivered on a Tuesday.

  • Where can I buy a Landal Gift Card?

    You can buy the gift card here. You can choose an amount between € 5 and € 150. We have gift cards that we send by post and electronic gift cards that we send to the recipient by email.

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