The Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park

This continuous dry heathland, which is Europe’s second largest, will amaze you every season. The moraine provides height differences, making you forget you are in the Netherlands. In the forest, amid the oak and white birch, you can enjoy the views and picturesque landscapes. You are a hiker or mountain biker, an active outdoor person who feels completely at home here in the dynamics of this unique nature area.

Water-collection area Hoge Hexel

A 20-hectare water-collection area to the northwest of Wierden, where you can enjoy yourself for an afternoon. Walking amid the heaths and grasslands, past moraines and young oak trees. Located on a moraine that stretches from Wierden to the north.

Wierdense Veld

The fact that the landscape near Landal Sallandse Heuvelrug is varied is stressed by the third piece of unique nature in a row: Wierdense Veld. A Natura 2000 area between the Sallandse Heuvelrug and the lower moraines of Wierden and Hoge Hexel. The area is dominated by moorland and lavender heather. The area is inhabited by smooth snakes and cranes. And the charming bleating flocks of sheep greet you during your walk through this exceptional and expansive piece of the Netherlands.

De Borkeld - Markelo

Be amazed by the largest juniper thicket in the Netherlands in this hilly nature area. Walking, cycling or by horse. Explore this archaeological reservation where collectors were active 13,000 years ago and the prehistoric burial mounds are still visible.

Hanseatic Cities: Deventer & Zwolle

Two of the nine unique Hanseatic Cities are by the water at a short distance from the holiday park and they are certainly worth visiting. They are known for the former trade centre and are part of the Hanseatic network. The prosperity can still be seen in the architecture, decorative merchant houses city walls and gates. Discover the rich past and the unique authentic atmosphere and charm of Deventer and Zwolle.