Your carefree holiday has begun! Bollo welcomes you and your children. The little ones enjoy themselves at the indoor play area and make handicrafts in the Bollo Club, while the older children play a game of air hockey or beat each other at the pool table. Making time for each other and having fun together.

Being bored is impossible

  • Indoorspeelplaats
  • Atelier
  • Children's-/play farm
  • Bollo
  • Animal meadow
  • Bug mansion
  • Children's parties
  • Bollo house
  • Amusement hall
  • Mini-golf course
  • Beach playground
  • Fun & Entertainment programme
    • The whole year
  • Play boat
  • Pull raft
  • Playground(s)
  • Pedal boats
  • Kids package

Landal Adventure: our new game for kids

Are you going to Landal GreenParks with your kids soon? Download our newest, innovative app Landal Adventure and send your kids on a digital scavenger hunt through nature in the holiday park. By collecting resources, they will be able to design and build their own digital tree house plus check it out in augmented reality. Discover Landal Adventure – our new game for kids

The Atelier is open

The Atelier is all about keeping busy with fun and creative activities. For instance, with one of the wooden model kits you can put together a bird box or an insect hotel. You can create a 3D puzzle or design something nice of your own. It is also fun to create figures or letters by cutting them from foam with a scroll saw.

Endless play fun

Discover the world of fun and adventure. Climb up the climbing wall and scramble on to the slide. Whoosh down and run on to the obstacle course. Play on the rope swings and jump in the ball pool. Back at the start? Then we'll just do it again!

Children's best friend

Did you know that Bollo lives in his own house at the park? Come along for a high-five or a cuddle with this friendly bear and have your photo taken with Bollo. Bollo is the children's best friend!

Fun & Entertainment

At Landal Landgoed 't Loo, there's plenty to do and experience all year round. Our Fun & Entertainment team makes sure that you and the children have an unforgettable holiday. You can see a total and current overview two weeks before your arrival in the Landal GreenParks App. For teenagers, we have the special Teenage Host during the holiday period: meet peers and decide together what activities will be on the programme.

Children's bungalow

Fun for the children and fun for you. This bungalow is designed almost entirely for children. Take a bath in a frog bathroom. Stop to have a drink and then play a game at the games table. On the blackboard, you can see exactly who sleeps where. And that could be on the top bunk bed. 

Kids & Running Track

Attention sporty types and animal lovers! Slip into the skin of an animal or test your fitness at the Kids & Running Track. Discover this route of 500 metres consists of two parts, the Kids Track and Running Track. Do you come enjoy the newest discover route?