Food and drinks

You can have all your meals and drinks at the park. You are warmly welcome at restaurant Pizza Limone – the place for Italian cuisine. At the Brasserie, you can enjoy a drink, lunch, or dinner. If you feel a bit peckish, you can buy a quick snack at the Snackbar and for the daily groceries you're welcome at the new Parkshop.

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Food and drink
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Fine dining

Explore the Brasserie at Landal Landgoed 't Loo. During your stay, you can treat yourself to coffee and cake, enjoy a hearty lunch with a view of the water, or have a great dining experience with multiple courses: at the Brasserie, it's all possible.

The menu is regularly updated. In the restaurant at the park you can ask to see the menu.
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Pizza Limone

At Landal Landgoed ‘t Loo, you can choose a tasty pizza, pasta and a delicious Italian dessert at Pizza Limone, the Italian eating establishment where you will be warmly welcomed by one of our hosts. You can enjoy the Italian ambience and music with a befitting drink.

Deliciously convenient

After an afternoon full of water fun, get a soft ice cream. Good and easy food is part of a carefree holiday. For children, having fries is a real treat. During your stay, opt for an easy meal. Collect the tastiest snacks from the Snackbar.


Responsible & delicious! The ParkShop at Landal Landgoed ‘t Loo opens daily to serve you. The shop offers fresh ingredients, sustainable and regional products and self-serve bulk items that reduce the amount of waste.

Dietary requirements? No problem

Our kitchen team will be happy to provide alternatives to accommodate your dietary preferences. Gluten-free, sugar-free, salt-free or vegetarian. For every taste, the chef and his team have a wonderful, varied and healthy alternative. Ask our waiting staff about the options.

The menu is regularly updated. In the restaurant at the park you can ask to see the menu.