Frequently Asked Questions

Landal app
  • What information can I find in the Landal app?

    The Landal app includes information about the facilities, activities and any available restaurants or food and beverage services at the park where you are staying. Here you can view the opening hours and the contact information for the reception, and make reservations if needed. The park map in the app helps you find your way around. You can also discover activities and attractions in the region around the park. Link your stay to the app by logging into your My Landal account and get ready for your upcoming stay! 

  • Can I also use the Landal app if I don't have a reservation?

    Absolutely! Select the park you want more information about and learn more about a wonderful holiday destination. 

  • I only see one upcoming stay listed in the Landal app, but I have multiple stays coming up. Is this correct?

    Yes, this is correct. At the moment you will only see your first upcoming stay in the app. Once you have completed this stay, the next stay will appear in the app. 

  • I have booked multiple accommodations at once. How can I add this reservation to the app?

    At the moment it is not possible to add a combination reservation (any reservation number that starts with an ‘M’) to the Landal app. You can use the app without logging in. To make reservations for a restaurant or activity, you can phone the park's reception desk. 

  • I have logged into the app, but my reservation is not linked yet. How do I do this?

    Please follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Landal App
    2. Log in with your My Landal account
    3. Click on the chat icon in the bottom right
    4. You will see the following text appear: ‘Link your reservation’. Click on this text.
    5. Log in again with your My Landal account
    6. Under ‘Add your reservation', include the reservation number of your booking. You will find this number in the confirmation email you received.
    7. Your reservation is now linked!
    8. Click on ‘My stay’ in the app to view the details of your reservation.