Sports and games

You won't be bored for a moment during you stay. How about a game of pool or going on an adventurous cycle ride? Get out and explore with all the family and enjoy each other's company. Fly a kite on the beach or go to a manege. Are you looking for more of a challenge? If so, go sand yachting or kite surfing.

So much to do

Sport and game
  • Bicycle rental
    • Mountain bikes
    • Children's bicycles
    • Child carts
    • Child seats
    • Tricycles
    • Tandem bikes
    • E-bikes
    • Cabby's
    • Bicycles
  • Beach sailing arrangement
  • Terschelling GPS-trip arrangement

Endless water sports options

The Wadden Sea is the perfect place for endless water sports activities. Would you like to try sand yachting, canoeing, rowing, (kite) surfing, surf rafting or blokarting? During your stay at Landal West Terschelling, you can! Feel free to drop by at the reception for additional information or contact us.

Horse riding

Attention, horse-lovers! You can also discover the island on horseback. Puur Terschelling organises covered wagon tours and treks. Hop into the wagon and while you enjoy the stunning nature real islanders, they will tell you about the lovely landscape. If you are an advanced rider, you can experience a unique trek through woodland and dunes and along the beach.

Sea fishing

How about an afternoon's fishing on the mud flats, an adventure you can only have on the Wadden. On Terschelling, you can go sea fishing from a boat or from the beach. You can board close to the park for a tour along the coast. Cast your line and haul in fish after fish. Have you had a bite yet?

Bike rental

You don't have to bring your own bicycle to explore the surrounding area of the park during your stay. Rent one, nice and convenient. You can rent ladies, men's and children's bicycles but also child seats, E-bikes, mountain bikes and tandems. 

Tip: reserve online in advance to be sure you get the bicycle of your choice.