Be surprised by varied Terschelling and relax completely. Unwind with the endless watersport activities on the beach or take a trip out to the mud flats. By horse along the coast or a wonderful walk through the endless dunes. With the wind in your hair, experience the island feeling.

The Brandaris Lighthouse

West Terschelling
The Brandaris is the oldest lighthouse in the Netherlands. The first Brandaris Tower was built in 1323.
WebsiteApprox. 1 kilometre of the park


The 'Fjoertour' is an extensive hiking track in pure nature: rugged beach plains, Wadden mudflats, high dunes and marshes filled with purple sea lavender flowers.

Oerol Festival

Every June, the island of Terschelling in the Wadden Sea is transformed for ten days into a unique natural stage for theatre, dance, street theatre, art and music.

The 't Behouden Huys Museum

Taking a peek into the past of the island with it's many seaside visitors is possible in the 't Behouden Huys Museum.
WebsiteApprox. 1.5 kilometres of the park

Wreck Museum

A museum with a collection inventory pieces from the many shipwrecks around Terschelling.
WebsiteApprox. 7.5 kilometres of the park

More tips

Exploring the surrounding area

Explore the surrounding area and discover everything that is on offer. A day full of action and excitement in an amusement park, a trip to the zoo or a visit to an event in the region. There is plenty to do at the parks, but the surrounding area has much to offer too. Plenty of entertainment, something for everyone.