Food and drinks

Wake up relaxed in the morning to fresh warm bread rolls! You can get all your meals, snacks and drinks in the park. In the afternoon you can buy a refreshing ice cream and in the evening you can enjoy a delicious grilled kebab at Rotiss’heure. For fast food, you can visit the take-away and snack shop.

Everything at a glance

Food and drink
  • Iwago 66 Diner Fastfoodrestaurant
  • Pizzeria L'Eau d'Heure et le Goût
  • Take-away and snack shop
  • Parkshop
  • Catering point
  • Rotisserie Rotiss’heure
  • Bread roll service
  • Gourmet service
  • Gourmet service
  • Breakfast package
  • Gourmet package
  • Grocery package small
  • Grocery package large
  • Raclette Special

Delicious from the grill

Enjoy delicious grills from Rotisserie Rotiss’heure. End an active day in the beautiful environment of Landal Village l’Eau d’Heure with a delicious grilled chicken kebab. That makes a great holiday with the family.
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Gourmet or barbecue?

Leave the pots and pans in the cabinets. Enjoy each other's company with an evening of barbecuing or gourmet at your bungalow. Book one of the packages and everything will be taken care of:
  • Hire of the barbecue or the gourmet set
  • Baguettes, salads, various types of meat and sauces 

Park Shop

You can go to the Park Shop at the park for all your basic needs, which is very convenient. Enjoy a hike or cycle in the stunning nature surrounding the park. When you’re done, just stop by the Park Shop for something to drink or a delicious bite to accompany drinks. But you’ll also find cold cuts, salty snacks and biscuits in the Park Shop. The Park Shop is located in the main building.

Local restaurants

At the park, enjoy an easy meal in fast food restaurant Iwago 66 Diner or grills at Rotiss’heure. Prefer an evening out exploring the surroundings? There are lots of restaurants near the park from Italian to French cuisine.