Endless play fun at Landal Rønbjerg for everyone!

While you explore the area, the children can play to their heart’ s content in the indoor play paradise.

The most beautiful works of art can also be crafted at Bollo's workplace and there are special activities during the school holidays and weekends (only in Danish and English).

So much to do

  • Fun & Entertainment program
    • Only in Danish and English
    • The whole year
  • Mini-golf course
  • Indoor play paradise
  • Children's play area
  • Climbing frame
  • Creative workplace
  • Playground(s)
  • Volcano indoor playground
  • Air trampoline
Landal Adventure: our new game for kids
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Play paradise

No playground in Vesthimmerland is as much fun as the indoor play paradise. Climbing on the monkey bars, making summersaults on the trampolines or making cabins of large LEGO® bricks. The real daredevils can whizz down the ‘dangerous’ climbing volcano.

Creative workplace

Come along and have fun at the creative workplace. Let all creativity have free rein and make the most beautiful drawings and craftwork together. There are also special activities every season, which makes for an unforgettable holiday. The children won’t want to go home afterwards!

Say hi to Bollo

The bear Bollo lives in his own house at Landal Søhøjlandet. Bollo loves to take a nap, so he's ready to play, read and dance with you and your friends. If Bollo is in the middle of his nap, you can paint a drawing and deliver it in his mailbox. He would love to see all the drawings, when he is done with his nap!

You can see when Bollo have some special activities in our app.

Bollo in the forrest | Bollo at the beach