Food and drinks

Enjoyable and convenient food at the park. Be surprised by the changing menu at the restaurant or enjoy your favourite pizza at the Pizzeria & Steakhouse buffet. The park supermarket has fresh bread rolls.

Bon appétit!

A culinary stay

Food and drink
  • Pizzeria & Steakhouse
    • Opening hours vary daily
  • Breakfast service
  • Pizzaria
  • Salad buffet
  • Sparerib service
  • Supermarket
    • Opening hours vary daily
  • Breakfast package

Enjoy dinner together

Don’t fancy cooking? Visit the cosy family restaurant of Landal Rønbjerg and enjoy a delicious dinner together. Or choose something from the buffet. There is something for everyone!

Family buffet is served in the restaurant every Saturday at 5.00 PM-9.00 PM
  • Adult dkr. 189,-
  • Children (from 3 years to 12 years) dkr. 69,-
  • Children from 0 to 2 years is free.
Delicious brunch is served every Saturday at 8.00 AM - 11.00 AM 
  • Adult dkr. 99,-
  • Children (from 3 years to 12 years) dkr. 49,-
  • Children from 0 to 2 years is free.

Pizzeria & Steakhouse

Developed an appetite after an active day in the open air? Visit Pizzeria & Steakhouse at the park. Enjoy a variety of tasty pizza slices from the buffet. Nice for the kids, nice for you. Enjoy your meal!

Lunch pizzabuffet, Friday to Sunday at 12.00 PM - 2.00 PM
  • Adult dkr. 79,-
  • Children dkr. 49,-
  • Saladbar + dkr. 25,-
  • Softice + dkr. 25,-
Evening pizzabuffet incl. saladbar and soup, every day at 5.00 PM - 8.00 PM
  • Adult dkr. 129,-
  • Children dkr. 69,-
  • Softice + dkr. 25,-

A carefree stay

You can enjoy a carefree holiday at Landal Rønbjerg. In the park supermarket you’ll find everything you need. Start the day with freshly baked bread rolls or buy some fresh fruit for on the go or something delicious for in the evening.