The children will have endless fun in the indoor play paradise. They won't want to go home for ages. Jumping on the bouncy castle and hiding in the ball pool or they do crafts with Bollo in the Bollo Club. This will be an unforgettable holiday for the whole family.

So much to do

  • Indoor play paradise
  • Ballpool
  • Fun & Entertainment programme
    • The whole year
  • Air trampoline
  • Bollo Club
    • For the little ones (supervised)
    • The whole year
  • Bollo house
  • Bollo
  • Animal meadow
  • Playground(s)
  • Amusement hall
  • Adventure Golfbaan
  • Kids package


Did you know that Bollo lives in his own house at the park? Bollo is the children's best friend! Come along for a high five or a cuddle and have your photo taken with Bollo. Or come and craft and play in the Bollo Club - the afternoon will fly by.

Indoor play paradise

Step into the world of fun and adventure. The indoor play paradise makes every children's heart beat faster. Clambering in the climbing racks, sliding from the slides and play in the ball pool.  Back at the beginning? Then we'll just begin all over again!

Fun & Entertainment

At Landal Hoog Vaals, there's lots to do and experience all year round. Our Fun & Entertainment team makes sure that you and the kids have an unforgettable holiday: crafting in the Bollo Club, dancing in the mini disco and playing outside when the weather's fine! You can see a total and current overview two weeks before your arrival in the Landal GreenParks App.

Children's bungalow

Your own play room? Yes! A play table? Yes! This bungalow is designed almost entirely for children. On the blackboard, you can see exactly who sleeps where. And that might be at the top of the bunk bed. Or at the bottom, whichever is cooler obviously.
View our 6-person children's bungalow